If you were to look, it’s unsure what you would find
Inside My Mind
i am more than just energy
I’m everywhere
but I’m not all there
my mind goes a million places
what did you say again?
yes, I was listening
...to four different conversations
my mind goes a million places
I know you just asked me to stop
you’ll have to ask me again
my body doesn’t do what my mind tells it to
can I borrow a pencil?
I lost mine
don’t get mad at me please
I don’t control this
I may interrupt
I don’t mean to be rude
but I remembered something really cool
and it may seem unrelated,
but I swear there was a connection
what fun is this?
I’m so glad we’re friends
and I know that it seems that I talk without end-
I’m not good at taking turns,
but I can learn!
it might take some time,
but I want to try.
I’ll probably be off-task a lot;
I’m not a robot!
in fact, I’m more like a monkey,
climbing and swinging on things
there’s no need to be scared,
sometimes I’m not self-aware
it’s okay to remind me kindly
I can be kind of loud,
but I’m no freak.
I’m just unique!
so don’t let the label fool you-
ADHD isn’t that scary
...when it’s a part of you.
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