Bella’s P.O.V.-
Hi, I’m Bella. I am half cat, Toyger to be specific. I am a Khrung, which means I am part animal. I have cat ears and a cat tail. I have green eyes, dirty-blonde hair that is always in braid down to my lower back. I always wear a tank top, and shorts. I am a pure blood. Pure-bloods are Khrung that have ears and tail, and half-bloods are Khrung that only have ears or tail. Half-bloods in many (stuck-up) people’s minds are second class. In my opinion everyone is the same whether you have ears or wings and a tail, or if you just have wings, or just a tail. I think everyone is equal. Anyway there is one major Kingdom, where there are representatives from all the smaller kingdoms. There is the representative of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and sea life. Every month they gather and just discuss political stuff and junk that a ‘commoner’ like me would never understand. I don’t really care about that stuff anyway. But right now, I’m traveling. I actually don’t rightly know where I’m going, I just keep moving. I am considered a ‘loner’. Someone who travels, and does not stay in one kingdom, but rather, travels from one to the other. Loners are allowed, as long as they commit no crimes. The reason I am a loner is because, my mother, was royalty, and was supposed to marry royalty, but fell in love with my dad. So they secretly got married, had me, then both of them were killed for all of that. Messed up right? Kinda sad too. Though I didn’t let it bother me that I was known as a mistake. I was kept in the kingdom till I was old enough, then they told me to go explore the world. I knew it was the nice way of sorta kicking me out, but I was ok with it. So then I traveled. Met some people along the way, some nice, some... not so much.

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