Internet Famous

A bunch if fun dialogues listed sort of like a video you would find on YT or something.

Chapter 1: Channel: IJustVantedALollipop |Video: Dollar Store Haul Gone Wrong!
Chapter 2: Channel: GAMERNEUTRON| Video: Eaten By a Giant Blueberry!?! [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 4: Channel: AlittleLess| Video: The Best Friend Tag!
Chapter 5: Channel:TotalDisasterOfALife| Video: STORYTIME! Getting Kicked Out Of The Bus?!
Chapter 6: Channel: EverydayIsYOLO| Video: Three Million Subscribers Dangerous Skydiving! [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 7: Channel: IAMBATMANBUTNOTREALLY| Video: Types of taxi drivers!
Chapter 8: Channel: WhyDon’tIHaveAnyFriends| Video: Reading YOUR mean comments!
Chapter 9: Channel: TheRealDeal| ROASTEDPEANUTS, You Better Watch Yourself, Cuz! [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 10: Channel: RENTAHOMIE| Video: ROASTEDPEANUTS THIS GOTTA STOP BRUH! [Chapter in review, check back soon]

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