When you have everything you need, you still crave more
Me and Crystal said bye to our Dad and closed the car doors as Crystal ushered me into the crowd of students. As my Older sister, Crystal was always keeping a lookout for me. She always stayed by my side and helped me and made sure I was safe and ok. Without her, I don’t know what I would do. Everything that has happened to me, she was there. Every friend I make, she has too. Everyone of my decisions, are her’s too.
As we merged into the crowd, I spotted mine and Crystal’s closest friend; Kendra. When we first moved to this school, Kendra was the first to invite us to be her friend. She she’s really nice and friendly, and funny, and anything a good friend should be. She was the nicest girl at our school, and our all-time BFF. But the only thing was; we were the least popular. Well at least Kendra was the least popular. Even though she was so nice, friendly, and funny, she wasn’t very smart because of a learning disability, she had dyslexia, which made her much slower than anyone else in the the school. She needed extra help out of school, and always asked more questions than the whole class combined.
Because of this, she was constantly picked on and cruelly taunted in the halls of our school every day. Me and Crystie ( I commonly call Crystal Christie) always feel so bad about it and I try to help, but Cyristie says that it’s a bad idea and doesn’t allow it.
I broke loose from Christie’s hand and ran to Kendra. “Hey! Hey Kendra!”
“Hi Ariana!”
“Oh, I know it was just one week, but March Break was sooooo lonely without you, Kendra.”
“I know! I can’t wait till this Friday! Can you?”
“No! Just me, you and Christie! With a whole lot of candy and a stack of movies!”
Christie caught up to me and joined the conversation.
“Ya! It’ll be a blast. I can’t wait.”
We all hugged and laughed. Today was perfect.
We all walked around the court yard, waiting for the fist bell to ring (we were always the first ones at school) we chatted about our sleepover and filled Kendra in on our boring March break and she told us about hers. Christie talked forever about her crush, Troy Bellarosen, and Kendra assured her that Troy must like her back (even though he probably didn’t). And we all talked about the Latest clothing we wished we had.
Ever since our mom died, dad has been getting worse and worse at his job and keeps on getting demoted, so he isn’t able to pay for first hand clothing, so we do our shopping at the thrift shops.
We just walked around the school, and when the bell rang, we all hurried inside.
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