Into the Deep
Atlantis and I meet back at the Portal Chamber in the palace’s tower. I had to put it in my palace because, number one, just because I wasn’t technically a human anymore, I still wanted to visit Earth. Number two, I wasn’t going to the first portal I ever use again. It collapsed the night of my coronation. It was old, and all the scientists knew it was going to fall apart sometime soon.
Magic doesn’t last forever.
As Atlantis and I climb into the portal, I hear men (their voices are so loud) sloshing around upstairs. They are coming closer. I quickly grab my stuff, throw it to Atlantis, who snatches it and ducks inside the portal.
It takes a lot not to stay in the palace, to renounce this stupid idea. Especially when I hear Cam shouting, “Hurry! We have to find Nix and Atlantis!” I close my eyes. Hopefully, they won’t find us.
I say a quick incantation: “Delens historia, et nostram nos hic oblitus,” which means: delete our history, and forget we were here. This way, the portal would not show a history of transferring us to wherever Atlantis was taking us to. Latin was the “romantic language,” but was also the language of mermaids and other mythical beings, like angels, dragons, wizards, witches, and demons. It was used for many spells in all kinds of cultures, and sirens sang a tremendous amount of songs in Latin.
Anyway, as I check the tracking history of the portal, Cam suddenly bursts in, followed by Ski.
“NIX!” Cam yells, before I dive into the glossy liquid of the portal.
The last I see of him are those beautiful, deep, dark brown eyes giving me a broken look. The last I feel of my prince (and husband) is his hand gripping mine before I twist out of his hold.
Atlantis sticks her hand into my side of the portal, and I take it. She pulls, and I’m yanked out of the portal. As I attempt to shake off the disgusting, slimy goo of the portal, Atlantis swings her bags on her back. She slides on her kingdom’s armor, made out of blue chain mail, which is made so thin, people call it a “veil of water armor.” The silversmiths who make it say they melt some minerals or something, and then cool it under the Aquaticus Waterfalls, a group of these huge waterfalls in Atlantis’ kingdom.
I slip on my own chain mail, which is not nearly as light as Atlantis’, but it’s from my kingdom, and I love it. It’s made out of these sea-rock crystals, pulverized and pounded into molds, then fired up in deep sea volcanoes.
We both shoulder our bags, and start swimming.
“Across the sea. That’s the first part. Across from what, though? My kingdom or yours? Or both?”
“Nah. How about the spot of Abrina’s cavern?”
“Oh. I didn’t even think about that. Let’s go, then.”

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