Into the Deep
Haha, NO
“You have got to be kidding me. I am not going in there.” I said, glaring at the hole.
“Nix, I figured something else out.”
“Oh Zeus.”
“She is waiting there, and her waiting will have no end.”
”You can listen to words? That’s amazing!” I laughed sarcastically.
“No, don’t you understand? She’s a ghost! Ghosts will wait in a graveyard until they are done haunting. So, she won’t go away until she gets her revenge!”
“That makes everything a lot better. Now some weird ghost girl wants to get her revenge on me.”
“We don’t know if it you,” Atlantis responded, making her way towards the graveyard. I shuddered, but seeing no choice, I followed.
Flicking my tail after Atlantis, we finally came across something noteworthy. It’s a grave, like the rest, but different. This tombstone is much bigger than the others, and a weird patterns traces the sides of the epitaph.
The ghosts are much hungrier now, circling around us in a tight cyclone. We can barely see past them, but when we get close enough to the inscription on the stone, we figure out why.
Here Lies
The Mother of Us All,
The Mother of the Ghosts and Demons,
The Mother of the Spirits and Treasons
Of Crime and Reason,
The Forgotten and Miserable,
The Misunderstood,
They Forgot You,
But We Never Could,
And when I read the name below, I felt like the last five years of my life had been useless.

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