Has Christi found true LOVE?
Is it love?
The party!!!
Woah! This is the craziest party I’ve ever been to since last weeks party! My name is Jasmine Young and I am 17 years old. Next week will be my 18th birthday and I am bro excited!! My mom says I’m a party girl and I need to worry about school and grades instead of boys and crazy parties!! I think she’s being a little over protective. I’m a teenager and that’s what teenagers do. My mom doesn’t understand my life. With my dad dead from cancer and my older sister hooked on drugs its really hard to be the good girl and keep my grades up in school. Well now you know my life long story. Christi come join the fun why don’t you!! As soon as I heard those words come out his mouth I a was ready to get my boogie on!!
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