forever alone?
August 20th
I passed by everyone, hiding my face as I walked through the hallways. There were thousands of students, but none had any care or attention to one another.
Though that wasn’t the case for me, there was always someone watching, someone staring, someone ruining my life. I didn’t realize it might be myself.
I shut my eyes.
A heartbeat.
A chill.
What if someone notices me?
I hope they won’t talk to me; what would I say? What would I do, this anxiety is building up inside, ready to explode. I can’t take it, I can’t breathe, take me out of here, why can’t I seem comprehend this all.
A few girls glanced at me, but paid no attention. I was hurting inside and no one cared.
“Everest? Everest, are you okay?” asked one of the teachers passing me by. She looked concerned, she pushed in her glasses as she stood beside me, bent down to see my face.
I nodded, gulping. “No I wasn’t, I was dying, suffocating. Stuck in a world that doesn’t recognize me.” I didn’t seem to realize I was actually saying what I was thinking, which made the whole situation worse.
“Y-Your suffocating? Dying! Oh dear, hon stay right here.” she scrambled around, looking for a phone.
The once bustling hallway; froze. And they were all looking at me.
I fell to the floor. Everything went black, a solid color.
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