Life’s not hard when you’re the
It Guy
It Guy
The corridor echoed with brisk footsteps as Gabriel Winslow walked towards the Interrogation Unit, his suitcase in hand. He was never late or early to an interrogation with a suspect, and this time was no different. As Gabriel reached the doors at the end of the corridor, the hour hand of the clock on top of the metallic table moved to the number twelve.
“Perfect.” He muttered before putting his suitcase on the floor and settling down on one of the two chairs placed at the table. He knew his suspect wasn’t going to come any time soon, which was awfully inconvenient. Gabriel glanced at the clock again. 12:01. He sighed, and looked over to the large mirror at one side of the room. He knew on the other side of that mirror, his colleagues were looking in and preparing to record everything that was going to be said. Gabriel looked at his reflection. He was a good looking man, with hazel eyes that countless women have fallen into over the years. Not that he took notice of them. The suit he wore was a navy blue, as opposed to a more regal burgundy that he picked the day before. Suddenly, the doors swung open and a small and weaselly man stumbled into the room.
“Ah, Mark, there you are. You’re two minutes late.” Gabriel observed, his eyes twinkling as the man opposite him cursed at the security guards who pushed him in.
“Gee, they are rough.” Mark glared, brushing himself down. It was expected, of course. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation wasn’t known for being kind or friendly to their suspects.
“We’re not here to treat you like a baby. Sit down.” Gabriel smiled, gesturing to the seat on the other side of the table. He reached down and took a pile of questions and evidence from his suitcase.
“So Mark. You know why you’re here.” He glanced up to see his former colleague’s facial expressions. They remained angry and indignant.
“Listen Gabriel. You and I have known each other for years. You know I didn’t leak any of our cyber information.” Mark exclaimed, waving his hands wildly. The interrogator smiled again. Gabriel was the highest ranked agent in the organisation, so whether Mark was the traitor or not didn’t even matter. The truth would come out soon under his interrogation.
“Well that’s the thing.” Gabriel said cheerfully. “I don’t know that. By the way, I don’t want to have to do anything to that wife of yours.” He tapped his fingers on the table. The ‘love of family’ technique should work for someone who is as attached to his wife as Mark.
Mark’s face stayed indignant. “Well I didn’t do it.” His voice was strong and sure, but Gabriel caught a little quaver at the end. He smiled inwardly. Maybe Mark did leak the information after all. He pretended to fix his Rolex while thinking of his next move. The ‘fear’ technique should go hand in hand with the first one he used.
“Mark, do you really know what will happen to your wife? I mean, you work in the IT Department. I’m not sure if you know the full extent of what could happen...” Gabriel let his voice trail off in a pitiful manner.
“I didn’t do it!” Another short and sharp response from Mark. Gabriel glanced at his body language. Mark was breathing a lot harder, and he was blinking just a tad faster. His hands were no longer fumbling, but knotted tightly together on the table.
Gabriel narrowed his eyes. Should he go in for the kill? Or tease things out a bit more?
“We could always hurt her a little until you tell us the truth.” Going in for the kill it is. Gabriel smiled darkly. He wanted to show Mark that he wasn’t joking. Mark faltered, his eyes growing wide. “I heard you two are trying for a child. It’s up to you whether you can still have one or not.” Gabriel hinted.
Mark’s face suddenly turned red. “You’’re not really thinking of doing anything, are you?” Gabriel shrugged nonchalantly, his confidence growing. Just a few more cracks and he’ll have another success on his impressive list.
“Please, Gabriel! She’s my world! You have to understand.” Mark begged, his hands clutched together. Gabriel nodded, and started thumbing through the questions. He knew how much the man sitting opposite him loved his wife. He considered himself lucky. Gabriel was not lonely; he just preferred to keep to himself. He did not have a girlfriend, let alone a wife, which erased all worries and stresses associated with keeping a relationship alive. Living alone was the norm for him, and he liked it that way.
“Well then all you have to do is tell us whether you are the traitor or not.” Gabriel smiled again. He tried to be as friendly as possible, if it made Mark feel any better.
“This is too easy for you, isn’t it?” Mark sighed. He had a deep respect for the interrogator, but also wished he could punch him in his handsome face. “Yes.” He finally muttered.
“You are?” Gabriel raised his eyebrows. That was easy. “Well then my work here is done. We’ll transfer you to a temporary jail, and then I assume you’ll tell us everything?”
Mark grunted, staring at his shoes. He knew he was a fool, but Gabriel would make him crack sooner or later. At least his wife was going to be okay, even if she wasn’t going to see him for a while.
“You know the routine.” Gabriel sighed. “We’ll let you call her. Hey, at least you’ll spend the next 6 years in jail with three meals a day rather than something more sinister.” He motioned at the mirror, and a while later two security guards walked through the door. Mark didn’t try to fight them this time as he was escorted out of the room. Instead, he walked with heavy steps, his shoulders slumped as if he had the weight of the world resting on them. The door closed behind him.
A voice rang out across the room, echoing from the speakers. “Good job, Gabriel. You’ve done it again! I’m jealous, how do you not have any losses under your belt?! I’m so glad I found and employed you all those years ago.” A chuckle was heard from the man who was talking.
“Thanks, boss.” Gabriel smiled at the mirror. He knew how lucky he was when his boss found him on that fateful day. “I’m gonna head home now. Good night! And have a great New Year’s Eve.”
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