Does it look okay? Because...
It’s Not Okay
We used to walk through the streets that tore us apart, because we thought it would make us stronger. But it’s New years eve, and I don’t think the it has helped us one bit. We would run and scream and let all our fears melt away.
We would let the wind blow through each others hair as we stared at something that was nothing. The city just reminded me of everything we lost.
But you saw something more. And I didn’t no what to do with that. I wish I could change the fact that we broke up at all.
I was in my room when I saw it. I was sitting on my window seat and gazing at the night stars when I saw a shooting star fly across the sky. So, I made my wish. Please, oh please. I wish I never broke up with Cody. I thought. All the sudden, flashing lights blinded me as I was teleported to a little cafe with Cody seated in front of me at a table. “Are you okay, Melissa? You don’t look to good.” Cody asked. The shooting star worked! It really worked. Cody was wearing his usual black coat with a white button up shirt. His green eyes pierced into Melisa’s, like nothing had just happened. “Oh! Yeah i’m fine, h-how are you?” She replied, a little frazzled from her experience. “I’m alright. Work has been a little hectic today, but being a reporter always is exciting, ya’know?” Cody replied. It all seemed like a dream, to fake, and moments later I woke up on my little window seat. It had to be a dream then. At least she got to spend one more moment with him, right. Shouldn’t that be enough for her? Does it look okay? Because, it’s not okay. I quickly got changed, and grabbed my coat and key to drive back to Cody’s apartment. I needed to apologize, and make the New Year come off to a good start.
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