Part 1..........
:Jacey Blue:
The Detective’s Daughter
“Good morning. I am your reporter Justin Rock, today we will start with an update on the kidnappings which are engulfing our dear little town.”
Jay Blue pulled herself closer to the edge of her seat. Sitting in front of the TV for two hours, waiting for this, about time it came.
“Today Mr. and Mrs. Freeman have announced that their son never returned from an outing with his friend” Justin began fumbling with a piece of his hair. “Tracing back, they both remember their son, Michael Freeman, leaving the-“
“Jay!” someone called.
“Shutup Dean!” Jay shot back as a tall boy walked into the living room.
“Wacha watching?” Dean asked peering at the TV. He slapped a piece of his stringy black hair from his face.
“I have investigated the area where young Mr. Freeman was.” Spoke Mr. Quincy.
“Where was the boy’s last known sighting?” Reporter Rock asked.
“He went with his friend to an Ice Cream shop, as an authority I can say no more than that. As I was saying his, Freeman’s friend, had forgotten something at his house so he then left Mr. Freeman alone.” Detective Quincey paused “When he got back Micheal was gone.” Quincey paused “His friend began to call around but with no luck called Freeman’s parents after called myself and the authorities. When asked about the situation owner of the shop Robert says and I quote ‘i have been hit with a steady stream of customers all day although I do remember the boy and his friend coming in.’”
“Well, that is it for today folks have a great morning and I’ll see next time” Justin shut one eye bidding his classic wink. The TV flashed.
“Have you ever thought ‘How many ti-‘
Jay picked up the remote and snapped the television off, she’d heard enough.
“What was that about?” Dean said leaning his arms on the back of the sofa. Dean was Jay’s cousin, her father, Detective John Blue, was working on an intense case in Montreal, Quebec something to do with a rooster and a bird thief, didn’t sound too important to Jay. At least not as important as her 16th birthday which she now had to spend with her extended family in Ottawa.
Now she was staying with her father’s brother(her uncle), his wife, and their three kids, Dean, Rose, and Zack Blue.
“Another child has disappeared” Jay muttered to her cousin nibbling her lip, something she did often when she was thinking hard.
“Another one?” Dean exclaimed, “That’s the fourth in only two weeks.”
“Fifth,” Jay corrected him. She grabbed her black leather notebook from her pant pocket. She then pulled her pen from behind her ear and scribbled something down in her book.
“Wacha writing?” Dean inquired peering over her shoulder.
Missing no. 5
Date 05-07-1981
Victim Micheal Freeman age 11
“Seems to all be younger kids” Dean muttered skimming over Jay’s notes. He put is hand out “Can I?”
“Sure,” Jay replied handing the book to Dean. He flipped to the front of the notebook.
Missing no. 1
Date 21-06-1981
Victim Ella Johnson age 13
Page number two.
Missing no. 2
Date 23-06-1981
Victim Karen Lark age 8
Page number three.
Missing no. 3
Date 28-06-1981
Victim John Miller age 10
Page number four.
Missing no. 4
Date 01-06-1981
Victim Julie Carter 15
“Fifteen!” Dean blurted out. “I guess it’s not only little kids” he muttered. Jay grumbled in response as Dean handed her the book. “I’m fifteen.”
“I know” Jay acknowledged slamming her book shut and sliding the pen on the front. “You could be next” she snickered.
“Ya, right” Dean playful knocked his cousin on the head. “I’d like to see them try.”
Jay lifted herself from the sofa, chuckling, and stuffing her notebook into her back pocket. “Let’s get some breakfast then we’re off to the Freeman’s.”
“Jay,” Dean paused “Don’t you think it’s know go ask people about thi-“
“All I have to do is say my name is Jay Blue and they bow at the feet of great Detective John Blue’s daughter.”
Dean forced a chuckle along with Jay even though he had the feeling she was still saying that out of anger towards her father.
“Let’s go!” said Dean racing out of the room. As the two entered the dining room Dean waved to the short plump woman, she was sitting at an oak table drinking, what looked and smelt to be, coffee. “Morning mom.”
“Good morning, Dean,” his mom replied, smiling.
After a breakfast of bread with jam and a glass of milk, Dean and Jay rushed out of a house. Telling Dean’s parents they were going to meet some friends.
“Be back before lunch” Dean’s mom called out.
“We will, Aunt Jane” Jay exclaimed shutting the front door behind her.
“Alright,” Dean began “Where do we start?”
“Michael Freeman’s house” Jay replied, “Then we’ll go from there.”
Ding Dong
Jay straightened our her purple shirt as she and Dean waited for someone to answer the door. Jay was pretty sure she was at the right house but really she didn’t know.
The door slowly creaked open.
“Hello,” Jay called in as friendly as a tone she could.
A woman in about her early thirties stood in the doorway her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks stained with tears. Both Jay and Dean knew they were at the right house.
“Good morning, ma’am,” Dean said plastering a friendly smile on his face, despite the tattered mess the woman in front of him was in.
The woman stole a sideways glance at the two. “Can I help you?” she muttered, her voice hinted with an irritated undertone.
“Yes,” Dean pitched, “We, Jacey Blue,” Dean paused waiting for a reaction but know came, “And I are here to ask you some questions,” he spoke this a lot slower.
“Go away!” the woman yelled as a newly found look of anger rushed through her face. “It is hard enough losing your son, then having people came every five seconds asking you questions-“
“But I-“
“Just go!” the woman yelled clearly choking up. She pushed the door shut but found it wouldn’t close. She peered at the children through the crack slowly gazing down, she saw Dean’s foot wedged in the door.
“Please, just a couple questions?” he pleaded. After a few more moments of bickering and many mentions of Jay’s father, the woman allowed the two to stand at the doorway, but let them in no further. So the questions began. Jay, of course, being the on to ask them.
“What time did your son leave the house?”
“Around 8.”
“Am or pm?”
“Has he ever disepeered from home before?”
“No. He would never run away if that is what you mean?”
“I was implying that.”
“Are you finished?”
“Nope,” Jay muttered glancing at her notes. “Where did he say he was going?”
“To a friend’s house.”
“What is the name of his friend?”
“Is your father really a detective?” The woman asked.
“Yes,” Jay replied.
“And that is what gives you the authority to investigate me?” The woman questioned, slowly.
“Yes,” she replied, again, which wasn’t a total lie nor the total truth.
“Please, an answer” Dean pitched in.
“George Morgan.”
And it went on, question after question until the woman, they now knew to be Mrs. Freeman, ushered them away saying she was tired and needed to rest. The two could not argue (Although it was clear Jay still had more questions) so they went on their way.
“So,” Dean began “Who do you think it was?”
“I,” Jay exclaimed, “Have absolutely no idea.”
“Oh, that’s helpful” Dean muttered sarcastically. Jay nudged him with her elbow.
“Man, I wish I was like my dad” Jay sighed “He could solve this mystery in less than five minutes.”
“Well,” Dean muttered trying to think of something reassuring but came up with nothing.
“Well, what?”
“Well.....let’s go get some ice cream” Dean stammered.
“Why not” Jay muttered, her shoulders slouched and her spring of confidence seemed to have left her.
Jay and Dean made their way over to their favorite ice cream shop forgetting the mystery at hand. Their conversation tilted around school and of course Dean’s annoying little siblings.
“Next time someone comes I want you to try.”
“That’s Robert’s voice” Jay concluded. Robert was a very kind man, loved by all the kids in the neighborhood. He was the owner of the ice cream truck, Bob’s Icecream, and often gave the children free treats and was always kind to everyone. One would often wonder how he managed to stay open.
“Come on” she rushed forward, Dean trailing behind. As the ice cream truck shifted into view.
“Now if you-“ Robert stopped. “ Jay” he chimed turning around to reveal his friendly face with bright pinkish cheeks. His face was cleanly shaved and his black hair was speckled with bits of gray and white. Behind him stood a tall figure, with its back turned towards the two. It was hard to distinguish the gender the build was that of a boy but the hair was long and black and tied in a little ponytail at the back of its neck.
“Good morning, Robert” Jay smiled while Dean stretched his head out from behind her in an attempt to see the figure.
“Well, how’re you doin’ ?” Robert waved a hand as he rolled up his sleeves.
“I’m fine, Robert, and you ?” she replied walking forwards. Her one hand clipped onto Dean’s sleeve pulling him forwards.
“Ah, could be better, could be better” Robert’s seemed to drift off “Well what can I get you two?”
“I’ll have a triple scoop, two chocolate and one raspberry” Dean ordered ignoring a couple nudges in the ribs from Jay. “With chocolate syrup,” he added more in an attempt to bug Jay than the fact that he really wanted it.
Robert chuckled but did as Dean asked. After they both ordered Dean, of course, had forgotten his wallet so Jay paid (much more than she would have liked.)
“Um......Jay” Robert began clearly uncomfortable “I’m sorry you had to pay I.....I’m just not doing too well business wise.”
“Ah, no problem” Jay smiled. After an awkward moment of silence.
“Jay,” Robert exclaimed “Have you met my nephew?” he asked hauling a large boy around. Now that they could see the face it was quite clear that it was most definitely not a girl. His chin was squared and his lips thin and pursed in something of a pout. His eyes brown and thin. He was tall, very tall compared to Robert anyways. He wore jeans and a hoodie covered by an apron. On the apron were the words Bob’s Ice cream and in a little corner Kevin.
“Um, hi” Jay muttered staring at his intimidating, grumpy face. “I’m Jacey Blue.” Jay gave Dean a nudge in the ribs.
“Ach-I’m Dean” (another nudge in the ribs) “Blue” Dean added slapping Jay’s hand.
“Kevin” the boy responded.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you” Jay chimed. After a quick chat on school and just life Jay bid Robert goodbye and then she and Dean headed home.
After a supper of mashed potatoes and gravy and (Dean’s least favorite) green beans, as the lights in the city went off, as people curled in their beds to dream, a light in the Blue’s house stayed on, a bedroom light.
“If only my father was here,” Jay mumbled to herself as her book and notes lay messily over her bed. “He’d know how to solve this.
“I’ve re-read these notes about a million times, they don’t’ help at all” Jay exclaimed to Dean the next morning.
“I think they do,” Dean said his eyes on the notes. “Here,” he handed Jay the notes. “Where was the last place John Miller was seen?”
Jay skimmed through her notes “Bob’s Ice Cream” Jay replied.
“And where was the last place Keren Lark was seen?”
“Bob’s Ice Cream” Jay muttered pushing down the lump in her throat, it just couldn’t be.
“Where was the last place Micheal Freeman was seen?”
“An ice cream parlor” Jay’s voice so low it was barely audible. “It just can’t be.”
“Nothings impossible” Dean replied.
“But it’s so obvious.”
“It’s worth a shot. We can go ask Robert ourselves before confronting the authorities.”
“Please Dean, let’s think of something else,” Jay begged her throat clogged up. “It may be just a coincidence.”
“Or it may not be,” Dean said.
“It just can’t be.”
To be continued ...........
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