Sequel to Josh
I Guess I Should Introduce Myself...
Hey there, I’m Rose. You may know me as one of the most pretty and popular girls at my school. What most people do not know is that behind my status as the “Popular Girl” I have a secret love for video games, Mt.Dew, and Doritos (#MLG.) But recently things in my life have gone completely haywire! What do I mean by that? Well...
I found out that my BGF (Best Gamer Friend) Josh, -who was also my secret crush- loves me back! And one day when we were on a date, he abruptly got up and started running away! I tried to catch up to him, and we ended up getting stuck in video games! It turns out that he has to jump into the video games if he wants to live. It turned out to be actually kind of cool at first, but then Josh’s ex-friend Error/Eren had to rudely barge into our lives! And after some crazy incident that involved a lot of kissing, Josh and I found out that Error was actually gay, and had a huge crush on Josh! Stuff got even crazier when I turned into a psycho and Josh started falling for Error, but in the end Josh got back on my side and fell back in love with me! (IN YOUR FACE ERROR!) Soon we went back into the real world, but Error unexpectedly came with us! Josh and Error started fighting, and a mysterious guy named Jay came up to me out of no where and told me I would fall for him! Also, Jay can apparently jump into books!
Agh! Sometimes I wish my normal life was back.
But now I can’t stop thinking about Jay. His tall mysterious figure and how mischievous his smile paired with his shoulder-length black hair. I wanted to know how he found me, and what he means!
“You’ll be falling for me soon enough”
What does that mean?
So this is the sequel to Josh! It is still from Rose’s point of view mainly, and I really hope this gets as much appreciation and support as Josh did! I have tagged a bunch of people who I mainly see reading Josh and commenting, so hopefully every fan of Josh gets to know about this!
Would you fall for Jay? Let me know as the story goes on! (I think I would lol)
-Larissa :3

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