Jessica ~ A Tag Game Part 2
Use any art you what.
Make it a long book like this.
Tag the person in the ending.
You can make new people on the book. Read Part all parts if you doing the tag game.
Have fun
“Hey, I’m not doing your breakfast dishes and our parents will be home in like half an hour. What are you moping for?” Asked Kate as she walked into my room.
“I called Dad,” I said.
“So?” she said.
“So I know what they are bringing us and I don’t want it!” I said and turned on my side with my back to Kate.
“What don’t you want Jessica?”
“Another sister,” I said.
“Oh, like they would ever replace me. You’re so funny. Not! What are they really bringing Jess?” Kate asked.
“I’m serious! They are bringing us a new sister. Her name is Lilly, she’s seven, and soooo funny. Blech.” Jessica said.
“You’re not kidding?” Asked Kate.
Jessica rolled over and glared at her sister. “No I am not kidding. You never believe me. Now I have to put up with another sister that’s younger. That will make me a middle kid! I don’t want to be the middle kid. Why would they do this to me?”
“To you?” Huffed Kate. “Please, now I will have two of you around pestering me and getting into my stuff. Mom and Dad will make me watch you both when they go out. This is so not fair. I am retiring from babysitting! I quit.” Kate stormed out.
“You are a lousy babysitter anyway!” Yelled Jessica. Then she turned onto her stomach and screamed into her pillow.
The house was quiet for about twenty minutes. Then Jessica heard a car pull into the driveway. Car doors opened and shut. She was torn. She wanted to run and peek out the window to get a glimpse of this Lilly, yet she didn’t want to see her at all. The front door opened.
“We are home girls!” Called her mother. “Girls? Are you upstairs? We have a surprise for you!”
Part 1: samlovespizza
Part 2: figment68
I tag... panda919
If you would like to write the third part take your time and have fun. If not please let me know. Thank you, figment68
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