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Gaming isn’t just for nerds
I walked down the dingy school hallway excited. Today I’m going to GameStop, and I can’t wait to get the new game I want!
Of course nobody else knows that, I my reputation would be completely screwed up if anyone knew that.
You see, I’m what my school calls a “PPP” A Pretty, Popular, Princess. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a nice girl, but the PPP’s are not supposed to play video games! Their also not supposed to love Doritos and Mt. Dew! (Only at parties.)
So everyday at lunch I pretend to be engulfed in my SnapChat, and I pretend to like my tofu salad (yuck!) But instead, I’m waiting till I get home to indulge in cheesy Dorito perfection.
Also, no one knows that Josh is my BGF (Best Gamer Friend.) When him and I team up, we’re unstoppable! He’s the only one who knows my secret love for gaming. And he swore not to tell a soul.
He’s awesome.
I’m pulled out of my trance by a voice. “Rose! Rose!!!” My friend Jackie is running down the hallway towards me. She’s panting by the time she slows down. When she get’s her air back, she asks “Are you free after school?” I panic. I have to make up an excuse as to why I won’t be free. “Um..” I said. “I actually’s appointment?” Jackie frowns. “Ugh.” She says. “Totally killed my vibe Rose. Now I have to babysit Paisley.” I felt a little bad for her. Her little sister Paisley was a complete brat. “Sorry.” I say, but then the bell rings and I get away from that situation as quick as light.

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Chapter 2

GameStop is my happy place

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