Tale of two Tides
Journal of a Water Child
Powers, Yay! Bad ones? Woohoo?
Dear journal,
Sometimes I think that I am the luckiest girl in the world, other times, I think I’m wrong.
For starters, I have three other sisters, who have way better powers than me. Amelia, my closest sister, has Air. She can control wind, clouds, and hurricanes! WHAT!? Then there’s Millie. She has fire. That’s all I’m gonna say because I can’t write blowing up sounds. Also there’s Annabelle, she gets Earth. I mean! She controls the freaking universe!
And what do I get? A PUDDLE OF WATER. Yeah. Pretty awesome power, right? Wrong! All my Instructor Guardian has told me, Posiden, is that I should be completely positive, and that water is a pretty awesome when you think about it.
Yeah, for things like cooling off! But not for fighting the world! What am I going to do? Make them step in a puddle?!
Scarlett Spirit
Dear journal,
I apologise for not explaining more about myself, but I was in a rush to wrap things up. It’s not exactly cool to be writing in a diary in front of your sisters, who control the three main parts of Earth.
I’m Scarlett Spirit
I have Three sisters named Amelia, Annabelle and Millie.
Our Parents are dead.
I’m not going to talk about it
Anyway I have the power Water (pretty lame right, I know)
I already told you my sisters powers but I have some friends who have other powers, I will tell you later what there names and powers are.
There is this mother Guardian named Star who took us in after our parents died,
Anyway Right now I’m heading off to the arena to practice my Archery oh wait I haven’t told you yet
My favourite weapon Is a bow and arrow but I have to save up to buy one so I have to borrow one of Stars old bows and I have a water shield which can turn into a small bracelet!
Have to go now Bye
Scarlett Spirit

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