It’s early morning. I take my morning jog like always at 5:30 in the morning and come back drenched in sweat. I take a shower and get myself ready for work. I leave the house in the costume I’m supposed to wear for the day. It is a human/fox costume. I don’t really know what else to call it.
So I’m role playing as a character named Junko today for a children’s event. The costume is stupid, in my opinion, but to keep this job I need to go with it. I get to the place, and before I step out of the car I can already see five year old kids turning their heads toward me and calling out “Junko!”
My name is not Junko, by the way it’s Meg. I am 20 and I live alone. I am now stuck with this job, since I can’t seem to find any other way to pay my bills. I hate this job.
I put on a facade that is apparently really convincing. Not only am I able to convince I am Junko, but I also see the parents in the crowd who are very enthusiastic about it. Junko is the heroine in the children’s book, “Saving Space”. It is about a human fox that creates a bunch of robots that save the universe. Or something like that. I never really read too much of it. I only read enough to understand my character. So I’m a little startled when I see a parent and child dressed up with matching robot suits. I usually see fans wearing Junko costumes and space pistols, so it isn’t common. But I just ignore it and I assume it’s just some fans. After the show, I drive home still wearing my Junko suit. I open the front door and head straight to my bed.
Next day I wake up and repeat my morning routine. I head outside for my morning jog when I see a little kid in a robot suit. I stop and take a breath. I ask him,”Hey little guy, what are you doing here with out your parents?” He replies with, “I’m looking for Junko. I need help.” I’m a little puzzled. It doesn’t make sense what he’s asking... Oh wait. I’m still wearing my costume. It seems this kid is asking for Junko from the show yesterday. Oh well. I simply get into character. I’m not an actor, but I still have some acting skills. “Okay, what do you need help with?”
“My big brother got some of his wires removed. Can you fix him?”
“Of course I can. Junko can fix anything! Is your brother with you right now?”
“He—ere I-I am.” I turn around and I see a giant robot suit. I can tell it looks very authentic. Only a bunch of metal and wires. The guy doesn’t even look human. There doesn’t seem to be any visible flesh. Maybe he really is a robot. “He—elp me.” The big robot is hesitating to speak. If this really is a robot I can’t do anything. I am horrible with technology. Wow, this kid is really serious. I guess I just can’t keep this promise.
I get a technician on the phone.
The kid halts the call and screams in my face, “No technician! He needs Junko!”
I don’t know what to do now. I see a bunch of wires that have me lost. It’s a good thing I have my trusty friend with me: Google. I take out my phone and start browsing to find anything useful. The kid stares in awe. He is mesmerized by my phone. “Junko is using the Master Tool! It’s so amazing!”
Either these two are master geeks or they are robot stalkers. Either way I decided to help them. With the help from Google, I found a panel in the back and opened it. There was a lot of wires. I reconnected some wires and the big robot was functioning normally again.
I stood up and wiped my brow. “That was easier than I thought. Junko fixed it.” I really feel like Junko right now.

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