She’s the new kid experiencing a hard time...
Just Deal With It!
The first hour of school
Worst. Day. Ever. I groan like I don’t care about anything but my heart is beating so fast, that I can hear it. Thump! Thump!
Standing in a new classroom filled with eager teenager students makes me like I am a person who has no friends. Well, I actually don’t. I mean, this is actually the first time in this new school and I barely know anyone. No, scratch that; I don’t know anyone at all.
The worst part is that I came from the office to collect a slip for the teacher saying that I am new. The teacher didn’t let me come in…because the nice old lady at the front counter hadn’t bothered signing the slip.
So much for making a fresh start to Green Falls! Green Falls. Isn’t that a bit of a lame name? When I first heard of it, I thought that it would be a really quiet place with no noise heard.
Well, I guess I got that wrong. But I was right about not fitting in. Yes, I know that it is the first day of school and everything else, but I just don’t feel right. No, it’s not the smell of Fridays surprise meatloaf (just kidding!), but it just feels…..weird.
Finally! My teacher now accepts me as one of her students! I don’t want to be mean or anything, but is she THAT picky? I hope she will be nice in the future…..
I am sent to sit in any of the seats that are empty. Apparently, there is one next to a cheerleader (she is wearing her uniform although I don’t think she is allowed to) and one in a corner next to a guy with sparkling green eyes.
I don’t want to make the wrong choice but I also don’t want to make the one that will humiliate me for life.
Both these people I could sit next to are either the opposite gender of me (I’m not being mean or anything) or a girl that looks like she could be in a popular magazine and IS popular. Wrong choice; I choose to sit next to the cheerleader.
My face is now blushing as I quickly rush to the seat next to the girl. She stares at me blankly. Then she just swifts her extremely long blonde hair to the other direction and acts as if I don’t exist.
Wow. Great start, Grace. I don’t know why I talk to myself in my head. Imagine if the other kids did it!
The girl I am sitting next to has long, wavy rich blonde hair. Her eyes are a cold ice blue colour and she is wearing a big, pretty pink bow in the back of her hair.
She is wearing pink short shorts and is wearing a short shirt with long and puffy sleeves. She is also wearing pink nail polish and pink lip gloss.
Really? First not being accepted into class and now this? I sigh. This is going to take me a loooong time fitting into class. Or maybe, I won’t fit in at all.........

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