writing prompts
Just Leave it to Me
Prompt One
You’ve been able to read minds since you were seven. Mostly you watch people’s thoughts undetected but one day someone talks back.
I lie in bed, wide awake. So many thoughts are running through my head and I don’t think I’ll ever get to sleep. Maybe I’ll stop trying... maybe I’ll enter someone’s mind instead. That’s always a good was to pass the time.
I close my eyes and concentrate... but not on sleep. No, this makes me the opposite of drowsy. I’m concentrating on reaching my mind out to another person. At first it’s a strain, almost painful... I see him, the one who’s mind I will read this time, a middle-aged man in dark clothes, slouched on a park bench. Then I slip into my mind, and the pain falls away.
Whoa. This man’s mind has a lot in it. So many memories, beliefs, opinions, ideas, thoughts, feelings.... where do I begin? I sort through his thoughts, looking for something that grabs my attention.
There. I’ve found it. Here is something that jumps right out at me! A strategy- a complex plan for world domination. This is so interesting! I jump to investigate as thoroughly as I can.
All of a sudden, a voice sounds around me. A snarling voice. The man’s voice.
“Get out of my mind. Now.”
I give a start. The voice continues.
“I know what you’re doing. And I know who you are. You’ve been able to read minds since you were seven.”
I open my mouth, but nothing comes out.
“You’ve ruined everything. I will be coming to find you.”
All of a sudden, I’m back in my bed, my head spinning, my ears ringing, my own mind reeling in shock and fear.
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