2 GirLs. 2 guys. 1 big mix-up.
Just my luck
Last Day Of Seventh Grade
~Felicitys POV~
“Hey Ty!” I say, playfully nudging my best friend Tyler.
“Felicityyyy,” he playfully whines back.
I giggle. He swipes his cute hazel brown hair across his face. Cute? Did I just say cute? Oops. Okay, yeah anyone would admit he’s cute...it’s not that I like him...wait do I? No of course not.
Okay fine I might as well admit it to myself I like him. There I said it. I have had a crush on him for a year now, I never admitted it to myself though. Well, I did but I just don’t like admitting it to myself. It’s been really bothering me though. It’s hard to be best friends with him when I really like him. So I had made a plan with myself to tell him on the last day of seventh grade at the end of the year. I’m nervous, really nervous, yet I’m still excited to get it off my back, it’s been haunting me the whole year, which is originally why I made that deal with myself to tell him on this day.
“Well, I guess this is goodbye for today,” Tyler says, trying to act like an actor and giving it a dramatic effect.
“Yeah! What ever will we do?” I shriek, playing along with the act.
We both burst out into laughter and change into straight faces.
He hugs me. It’s just a friend hug, so why do I suddenly feel all happy and squirmy and awkward. I hug him back. Now’s the chance! Now is the perfect time. I open my mouth to start when Casey, my other best friend, comes along.
“Hey guys,” Casey squeals.
I sigh.
“What’s wrong?” She asks me, concerned.
“What-no, nothing” I reply.
All three of us say our goodbyes. Well, that is except for Casey and Tyler. Casey hugs me. Tyler hugs me. Did they hug each other yet? Casey looks at Tyler and smiles. I hear a little giggle come out of her mouth. Tyler blushes-wait-blushes?! I must have imagined it. They hug each other at the end and both give each other a smile. I don’t know why I feel jelous. I don’t want to, but I do...just a bit.
It’s nothing, they’re just friends. I keep telling myself, but somehow it doesn’t seem to satisfy my anger.
Tyler looks at his watch.
“Aw man! I have to be home early to babysit Bella, see you guys later,” he says disappointed.
Me and Casey start walking home together. She’s smiling a lot.
“What is it?” I ask
“What’s what?” She asks confused.
“C’mon spill what is it that’s making you so happy?” I question. She smiles.
“Well...” she grins “Do you think he’ll ask me?” She asks suddenly
“What?” I ask, confused
“Tyler, do you think he’ll ask me out? I think he likes me” she says.
I feel like I just got crushed. All my dreams I had, my hopes of me and Tyler being a couple, never going to happen. If Casey thinks Tyler’s going to ask her out, and she’s okay with it, then I have no chance.
“Yeah,” I reply. “I do think he’ll ask you,” I say honestly.
She grins.
“You know how he’s really popular now?” She asks.
“Yeah,” I say, wondering where this conversation is going.
“Well...whoever is his girlfriend is going to be super popular,” she points out.
“So what?” I ask.
“Just saying.” She shrugs.

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My best friends best friend ~Tyler~

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