The story of a dog that goes on an adventure
Katelyn and Me
The start of it all
Hi, my name is Max and I have the best owner ever. Her name is Katelyn. She adopted me when I was a puppy. She always lets me come with her, even when she’s going to work. I was a stray living on the streets until the dog catcher, who didn’t use his net which I thought was weird, ushered me into the truck. But he let me in the front seat!
He was really nice, but I was a little sad that after seven days, nobody came to adopt me. But then, Katelyn came and adopted me. I was so excited, I jumped up, high enough to lick Katelyn’s face. Then, she put me on a leash and Katelyn bought me and we went home.
And that is how I was adopted. She had toys, a bed, and anything a dog would want and she had it ready. But she didn’t put the treats somewhere safe. I jumped up and knocked down the treats. Katelyn picked them up and laughed while I ate only five treats. After that, Katelyn sat down on the couch and I cuddled her for hours. We had so much fun!
Then, we went to Petco and got more treats and toys! I loved the bones, and that was the first time I tried them! Katelyn knew I loved them, so she took a bag home just for me! And that is how I got Katelyn as my owner. I love Katelyn so much, I never want to loose her. She is my best friend. And the best owner, too
The next day, Katelyn called me over and looked sad. I really wanted to know why Katelyn was so sad. “I think I got fired from my job, Max!” Katelyn said then she sighed. “I know you understand, but nobody else does.” Just then, someone knocked on the door. “I wonder who that is.” Katelyn said with a confused look on her face.
Katelyn looked out the window to see who was the person knocking on the door. But it was just her friend, Jenna. Katelyn was surprised because they didn’t even plan to meet up. Katelyn opened the door slowly and looked a little confused, but happy, too.
And then, Jenna came in with bones and donuts! I grabbed the bones that she put on the coffee table. Jenna acted so surprised, she backed away slowly. Then Katelyn and Jenna started laughing. “I didn’t know this would happen!” said Jenna. Katelyn and Jenna ate the donuts and mostly ate the chocolate donuts. Katelyn and Jenna gave me a piece.

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