and she thought her life was boring...
Keys Through Time
Costume Parties and Banshees?!
I thought stuff like that didn’t exist— superpowers, magic, ghosts, talking books, you get what I mean. They go against all the rules of science and what not but I was in for a surprise, on the day that changed my life.
My name is Maya Shiro. I’m 15 and I live in Stockholm, Sweden . I’m actually half Swedish and half Japanese. My father is a Japanese patissier. He’s interested in mixing Japanese culinary and western food together. My mother is an engineer. She’s the reason we had to move to Sweden. But, I’ve been living here for six years and my dad opened a shop recently. When I’m older, I want to be an author. Well, I’m normal enough right? Wrong! My family guards a secret, scarier than your darkest nightmare.
My day started off normal enough. It was a bright, beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. As usual I went to school. I don’t mind it actually. Most kids my age want to get out of school as if it was one of those flea-infested old age homes, but I like it. My school is one of the most prestigious schools in Sweden. People from all over the world come to Odinsskolan, most of them, daughters and sons of rich people. I just got in through a scholarship ‘cause there is NO way my parents could afford to send me to that school.
As I made my way to the metro, I bumped into my friends, Kaira and Amber. Kaira’s a brunette, but her hair turns blonde in the sun. She’s got beautiful green eyes that sparkle and a splash of freckles across her nose. Candy- addicted Amber has very long brown hair, big brown eyes and glasses. They’re both pretty when I’m short, have black hair and glasses. Sometimes, I wonder just how we ended up friends.
“Hey guys!” I yelled. “Good Morning.” they yelled back. “Have you guys got costumes for the party yet?” Kaira asked. “Well, I’ve been thinking of buying a super woman costume.” Amber said. “Nice! I already bought mine. It’s a cat girl outfit. What about you, Kiki?” I asked Kaira. “Ooooh, cool. I thought you would, Maya. I’ve already ordered my unicorn onesie, but it still hasn’t arrived.” she said. “It’s probably not coming. Remember the clown’s outfit you ordered for Halloween? It never came.” Amber laughed. “Mmhmm...” Kaira replied. But I knew she was only half listening. She’s the type of person who’s “best friend” is her phone.
The day of the party soon arrived. My father dropped me in the gym of the school. “See you dear.” my father started the car and I waved back. When I turned around, I came face to face with my crush, Leo. “Leo! Hi! make a great musketeer.” I said blushing and looking into his dark green eyes. His tousled black hair was as messy as ever. “Hey Maya. Thank you. Your cat ears look awesome. Are you going alone?” he asked. “In a sort. My friends and I wanted to go together. They should be here any second.” I replied. “I see. Well, you guys can join me and my friends. I don’t have a date to the party but I think I might ask her today.” he smiled. “Um...yes, of course. Good luck.” I said, devastated. “Thanks. See ya.” and he jogged away. That is when my friends arrived. “Hey Maya.” and they both engulfed me in a group hug. “Hey guys.” I said, barely above a whisper. Amber looked at me with a concerned look, “What’s wrong Maya?” she asked. “Its nothing. Leo asked us all to join his friends. Let’s go.” I replied with a feeble smile.
As we made our way towards Leo, Austin and Zack, my friends totally raided the food. They helped themselves to chocolate bon-bons, grapes, coke, chips, a little of everything. But I must admit, the school committee outdid themselves on this party. The main highlight was the disco ball and the huge 6 layered cake. There were people wearing all sorts of costumes—werewolves, fairies, princesses and even a giraffe. Even the headmaster was dressed up! Austin was a vampire and Zack was a goblin—complete with the green paint and all! That’s when it happened. The screaming. I could hear a loud wailing and it was a female voice. My head started to throb as I found my way towards the drinks. I drank two glasses of water and yet the throbbing nor the shrieking ceased. It was so high pitched, it had to be a woman. And yet...I couldn’t understand why everyone I saw was laughing away like nothing was wrong. Suddenly, I saw a long strand of white hair. I decided to follow the person. The wailing kept getting louder the closer I got to that person. There was no doubt she was the cause. That’s when I noticed we were straying off the path. We were heading towards the back of the gym where no one was present.
And then, she turned around.

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