Killer Dolls, a Scary Story
Chapter one
The Dolls On Your Desk
Ever wonder if dolls really are haunted? Well, they are. Watch your back, slip up in front of a doll you’ll see what’s coming.
Little Mary Chez loved dolls. Of course she did, she is eight. She had lots of American dolls and barbies dolls. She would put them on her dresser so they can save her from evil. She put them there because she would wake up a bleed somewhere every morning. What that eight year old didn’t know that it was the dolls. When she would go to sleep the dolls will sharpen themselves and scratch her.,but she hasn’t seen them yet.
Until one day she had a play do to and she had to sing. She sounded awful! The dolls got tired and one of the barbies shouted,”hey keep it down some of us are trying not let our eardrums bleed!” She was the most sassiest of the group. Mary got really scared because she never knew her dolls were alive then a American girl doll stood up and said while tilting her head to the head “Oh, Mary are you afraid of us? We won’t hurt you... That badly.” Then Mary went screaming out of her room the dolls went back into their positions the mom came and was annoying because they looked fine she said. She went back with Mary and when Mary came back the dolls had axes and they said altogether “ Die, Die, Die.” They went back into their positions after so it would seem like she was dreaming.
Mary had dreams about the dolls. She was getting a haircut and her long hair was cut short. She opened her eyes. The dolls cut her hair. Read more soon or have the dolls gotten you?

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