Trapped With A Killer.....Who Will Survive?
Murder On Boone
1 Down 9 To Go
“Hey guys, my parents won’t be home till tomorrow” I said “Let’s play truth or dare.”
“Sure” Kira, Alia, Sandi, Wynter, Kendra, and Emma all said.
“I have a truth or dare app on my phone” said Kira “So basicly you touch the screen to spin the bottle and whoever it points to choses truth or dare then does the dare or says the truth, get it.”
“Yeah.” we all say
Kira touches the screen and the bottle points to Alia. Alia presses truth, and reads out loud what it says.
“Who was your first crush?” Alia reads “Harry Brustworth 2nd grade.”
“Ooooooooh” everyone goes.
Kira presses the screen again and it points to me. I picked dare. (like a fool) The screen said the group picks a dare. Everyone but me goes to the corner of the room for about 30 seconds.
“You have to kiss my toes” Kira comes back and says with a smirk on her face. I walk or and kiss her toes really fast then press the screen of kira’s phone and the bottle spins and lands on Kira.
“I pick dare” says Kira. Kendra picks up the phone and looks at it then looks at Kira with a knowing smile.
“I picked wrong right?” Kira says
Kendra nods her head with that same knowing smile on her face and said “You get a bra connect wedgie for the rest of the game.”
“I have to go to the bathroom” said Emma “Can you wait till I get back so I can help give the wedgie?”
“Be quick” I said
Once Emma leaves we talked about school for about a minute then we heard a blood curling scream that gave me goose bumps. We all ran downstairs to the bathroom and found Emma with a knife in the side of her head.
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