Every suicidal thought begins with
it’s just life
Hi, it’s me, Kyra. Kyra Anderson. And I’m here to tell you about the story of my life, or most importantly, why I wanted it to end.
You might be laughing, you might be thinking ‘yeah, right’. But this is not a fictional topic, this is as real as it gets.
There are a few people who caused this but our main suspect did the most damage. Jennifer Branderson. What she did to me was just pure hatred.
But enough chit chat, let’s get on, shall we?
I was the new kid in the town of Goldstrim. Despite its name, it was far from glorious, especially for me. And I also was the new girl of Goldstrim Academy (GSA).
I walked through the vast walls as everyone stared at me, whispering to their friends. My belly tightened as I walked into my first class. Registration / Homeroom / Tutor, whatever you wanna call it.
They had changed all the classes so it wouldn’t be like I was in anyone’s seat or whatever.
I found the perfect seat, right in the middle of the class so I could see everyone and my potential friends. I didn’t believe that I could have any enemies, but I was wrong. And sitting in the middle made me the perfect target. Because you always aim for the middle in archery, right?
A girl with perfect, dark brown tight curls, caramel skin, plumped lips and light brown eyes entered the room. Behind her, a girl with a black headband which was worn infront of her afro, entered. Her lovely dark brown skin shone as the sun sparkled onto it, making her dark brown eyes sparkle. Everyone was silent. It was clear, they were the popular girls. I wasn’t sure who was more popular but I knew I had to be friends with them.
The girl with the curls sat at the back, right behind me and her friend sat on the right of her. Perfect.
And if you’re wondering, there are three rows and they are single desks.
I turned around to face her.
“Hey, by the way, you’re really pretty.”
“Awwwe, isn’t that cute. Hear that Keish? I got fans all around the block!” she said to the girl with the afro.
I took this as an opportunity for her to know me.
“Hey Keish, I’m -“
“That’s Keisha to you. I don’t know you like that,” she said.
I was shocked. I thought she would be nicer but obviously not. I was about to say something else but I was interrupted by a stern voice and I knew I had to turn to the front again.
“Good morning students of GSA and welcome. I am Miss Tallison and I will be your new teacher for registration. I’m sure you all know how registration works so I’m not going to go over that.”
“And I’m sure that you’ve noticed, we have a new student. Krya, come up and tell us a bit about yourself.”
I stood up from my chair and as I was walking, I felt something a bit sharp hit my back. Instantly, I let out a big scream as everyone laughed at me. I turned around and looked at the floor, it was only a paper ball.
I felt a wave of embarrassment flow through my body.
However, I still gathered the strength to walk up to the front of the class.
“Hi guys, I’m Kyra Anderson and I’m new here. I moved to Goldstrim from Silverband, which isn’t far from here. I used to go to Silverband Private School but then, well I wasn’t exactly happy there so I chose this school.”
I looked around, everyone was actually listening to me. I couldn’t believe it. At SPS, everyone would just be doing their own thing while I was talking, it was like I was invisible to them.
I thought that going to Goldstrim would give me a new start, would make me happy. But I thought wrong.
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