a girl’s haunting dream of love and sacrifice
After hiding this story for more than a year, it’s finally come to surface again. The world works in its mysterious and wondrous ways. This work, I can’t quite classify it. Nonfiction or fiction—this work has the messy parts of me stitched up together as a quilt of celebration to life’s woes and joys. “Labyrinth” was a dream I had on April 25th 2015. I remember watching the dream unroll so vividly and feeling the searing emotions. I also remember waking up sweating, groggy, and feeling like I’ve witnessed something too important to forget. But it’s become something else. I’m accountable for it. The memory of the dream became a burden to me. You see, the dream spread me out in the open. It revealed to me my most deepest desires, fondest wishes, and greatest fears. Revealing to you this dream makes me feel vulnerable. I’m entirely naked. Everything that I want, everything that I dread—It’s all here.
The dream made my loneliness so real to me. That hurt the most. I went on an existentialist crisis. I realized that I didn’t know so much about myself. I didn’t love myself enough. I didn’t allow myself to feel.
Maybe it’s for the best that the dream gets the credit it deserves. I changed my life through it. I decided to become more honest. I decided to love myself and allow myself to express myself. I decided to heal and to step out of my comfort zone.
Heck, I even left my former university, switched my course, started a spiritual and counseling page (which transitioned to a business), met my real friends, and even got to travel to Europe. I also got to genuinely cry a lot which I also didn’t get enough of.
I became a better person thanks to the wild, messy, emotional ride. I hope somehow that the dream helps you. Maybe acts as a mirror for you.
In the original 2015 writing I did to record the dream, the dream became twisted as I heavily injected and modified it with my own interpretations—It no longer became a recount, it became wishfulness. That’s where all the pain began.
I’ll only be using creative license to enhance the emotion of the scene where a recounting will fall short.
As for the name I gave the dream. I’m leaving this to your interpretation. It’s just such a perfect name for the dream and experience.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy sharing my soul to you all.
Love and regards,
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