Lady of the
The Concert
The orchestra was playing, making wonderful music. Alice, smiling, confidently played her violin,nremembering all the notes by heart. She was standing in the middle of the stage, as she was the best student of the music school. Alice was surrounded by her friends, playing different instruments. The music teacher, who now played the role of the director of the orchestra, smiled down at them from her position. As all the instruments played the last note, the kids bowed, while the audience was clapping proudly at their sons, daughters, nephews and nieces.
“All of the people who played an instrument, behind the curtains, leave the instruments there and go to your parents. You had a great show tonight. Good job, guys, great job.”the teacher announced.
“I have to go to my mother!”Alice said to herself. She started running down the hall and suddenly tripped.
Someone managed to get her“I got you,”
“Um, thanks!”Alice answered, “I-I was falling. Thanks for getting me.”she looked at the boy in from of her.”I’m Alice.”
“I’m Silvie. Here’s a present for you. You were really nice.”he said with a sweet and gentle voice.
“You put it here.”he said pointing at her ear. Alice took off her earrings and put the ones Silvie gave her.
“You are really kind. Even if I don’t know you...”she said.
“Doesn’t matter.”Silvie assured her, “Bye, bye Alice.”he said kissing her cheek. Then he walked away.
“B-bye,”Alice waved blushing a little.
“Mommy!”Alice squealed, “Sister! I had a wonderful time today! I was really nervous at first, but then I calmed down.”
“I’m really proud of you Alice!”Mrs. Murphy said, and kissed both her cheeks.
“Also I am!”her sister said, “You were so good! Do you want to go eat some ice-cream?”
“Of course!”Alice exclaimed, “I would like some honey on it...”
“Let’s go home.”said Mrs. Murphy.
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