Learning to Love Again
Regaining Your Social Life
My last relationship lasted me just about 2 years. I was suprised we lasted for so long after all of our disputes between family and friends. I think what held us together was isolation. We shut off our entire social life and stuck together - just the two of us. Our relationship ended over a silly mistake of mine which at times I regret and I’m often overwhelmed with guilt.
‘’Charlee, how could you?’’ Jay said to me with a lump in his throat.
‘’Jay, I promise! It was all a stupid mistake! We can fix this, I promise!’’
‘’No Charlee, this is the last straw’’ and those were the last words I heard of him... my ex.
Months later I started patching up my social life and fixing old friendships with distant people. I remember going to a party with this one boy and we got along so well like a house on fire... although it may have been the passion pop kicking in. We talked and shared our interests with each over. I got his phone number and we’d message each over every night. Then our relationship got more serious as we started hanging out at the board walk, central town. As soon as I met him I associated with more and more people and started making a few friends here and there. Unlike my last relationship we weren’t isolating ourselves. He asked me out during the crab festival and we started holding hands and kissing as any other couple would.
‘’You two are the cutest couple’’ Allie and Ashlee told me and Trey (my official boyfriend). Meanwhile, Trey’s immature friends were making sicky faces and gagging at us.
We were sitting at the drop-kick table of the skate park. Teenage boys showed off their newly learned tricks on their skateboards, scooters and bikes whilst a cue of slutty girls sat down and watched. The majority of the girls were wearing short shorts, crop tops and nikes. The skate park was famous for it’s brawls and rough nature - it wasn’t a place for little children to play.
The sun was setting and although there were still families strolling around, buying their children love and waiting for the fireworks to start, I was unsettled. Gangs started forming and a few rough boys were eyeing a couple of girls. The homeless were begging for money around the corner of the shops and my the few friends I was sitting with at the table were getting rowdy too. Ruby and Allie shared a smoke with each over whilst Trey and his mates were laughing and swearing their heads off.
‘’Want some?’’ Allie turned to me with the smoke in her loose gripped hand.
‘’Erm... not really’’ I replied.
‘’Why not?’’
‘’Aye Charlee, just try some?’’ Trey chipped in.
I bluntly ignored Trey’s comment and Allie’s offer ‘’It’s getting dark, my parents will be wondering where I am’’
‘’Just stay with us Char, you’ll be alright’’ Ruby said with cooked eyes.
‘’I’ll get in way too much trouble’’
‘’We can just camp out here’’ Trey told me ‘’besides, there’s no busses running so you won’t be able to make it home anyway’’
I decided to give in since they wouldn’t ‘’alright I guess’’. It was pitch black but the large stage ligths of the oval shined dimly allowing us to just see each over and our surroundings. In the distance we saw the lights of the crab festival and large crowds of people. I was cold by the night’s air and Trey could see that as I had a skimpy tank top on and nothing more.
‘’Here... you look cold’’ Trey said as he handed me his jacket. He turned back to his friends and continued talking about other mates, drugs and fights. I felt closed off from the conversation as the boys talked about one topic and the girls talked about another. I sat by Trey so I was distanced off from the girls anyway. I leaned on Trey’s shoulder for comfort as he wrapped his arm around mine but I continued to feel unwelcome. I soon dozed off to the talking covering the silence of the night.
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