Wait For Me

13 year old Logan is trying his best to out-prank his new foster home. But these guys are steady on becoming his ''family'' and Logan kind of starts to like them. Sort of. But then what about his Dad?

Chapter 1: How To Get Passed Around To 25 Homes
Chapter 2: How To Make A Terrible Impression
Chapter 3: How To Professionally Snoop Around
Chapter 4: How To Avoid The Dreaded Night Kiss
Chapter 5: How To Professionally Run Away-Already
Chapter 6: How To Crash Into A Random Girl
Chapter 7: How To Fail Your Genius Plan
Chapter 8: How To Avoid The Topic Of School
Chapter 9: How To Suffer Through Family Movie Night
Chapter 10: How To Play With Olives On Pizza
Chapter 11: How To Spill The Beans-All Of Them
Chapter 12: How To Slip On The Bathroom Floor
Chapter 13: How To Talk About Basketball Secrets
Chapter 14: How To Dress For The First Day Of School
Chapter 15: How To Find Out You Have A Real Friend
Chapter 16: How To Grow Hatred For A Teacher
Chapter 17: How To Get In The Principal’s Office
Chapter 18: How To Get Beat Up-Badly
Chapter 19: How To Figure Out You Have Broken Ribs
Chapter 20: How To Hear A Story About A Dead Boy
Chapter 21: How To Get Invited To A Sleepover
Chapter 22: How To Surprise Yourself And Others
Chapter 23: How To Prank Call People
Chapter 24: How To Realize This Is An Emergency
Chapter 25: How To Eavesdrop On A Conversation
Chapter 26: How To Get Picked Up By Police
Chapter 27: How To Apologize For Everything
Chapter 28: How To Teach The Class
Chapter 29: How To Get A Free And Cool Vacation
Chapter 30: How To Update Your Status Of Siblings
Chapter 31: How To Endure A Thirty Minute Torture Ride
Chapter 32: How To Get Tackled By Security
Chapter 33: How To Prepare For Take-Off
Chapter 34: How To Experience Turbulence
Chapter 35: How To Call Someone Not Your Dad-Your Dad
Chapter 36: How To Break A Shower Nozzle-Oops
Chapter 37: How To Get A Call That Ruins Your Entire Life
Chapter 38: How To Think There’s No Reason In Living
Chapter 39: How To Start To See The Sun Again
Chapter 40: How To Snorkel With Killer Sharks
Chapter 41: How To Skip Boring Stuff And Get Back Home
Chapter 42: How To ‘’Suit’’ Up For A Special Play
Chapter 43: How To Turn Into A Hero For The Night
Chapter 44: How To Get Adopted. For Real.
Chapter 45: How To Wait For Me

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