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Love is in the Halls
June 24th 2013
Dear Diary,
Hey, it’s Jacyee again. Ava has been pestering me about not having a boyfriend. She says that if I am not in a relationship when I’m young, I will not have a partner when I’m older. I know, 7 year old logic! (I’m being sarcastic) Our family got off the plane and I knew I was in love. Paris! There was no reason NOT to be in love. I couldn’t wait to taste yummy macaroons and French pastries, after all, I am a junior food critic! Mum decided we could go to La Resturante Bonita. Which is supposed to be a French/Spanish restaurant, I had never had that before! I was über excited. I will write a small food judgement once I try everything on the menu.
Jaycee Gorge VI

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