~Maybe we’ll never be together but forever you’ll be in my heart~
Love is in the Halls
June 24th 2013
Dear Diary,
It’s Jaycee, and whoopee have I got the story to tell you!
So, we just landed in Paris after flying for 8 hours, and it’s GORGEOUS! I can see the Eiffel Tower from the taxi window, and it’s much larger than expected.
We’re on our way to the nearest restaurant for some food, wherever that is. I think it’s La Restaurante Bonita, a pretty Spanish-french restaurant near our new house.
Wait, I should say cottage. Our house isn’t exactly the biggest. It’s in a nice neighborhood with nice neighbors. Maybe we can be friends and play ball on Saturdays and whatnot.
But anyway, back to the present. We went to the restaurant and sat down. We ordered, then I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I quickly excused myself and when I was walking through the tables, I ran into the weirdest guy ever. He seemed to be my age, but I didn’t know. He offered a hand to help me up, and I took it.
He was nice, and I studied his features. Light blue eyes and brown hair. To be honest, he was kinda cute. Am I in love?
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