5,000 years she must sleep...
Long ago, before we “humans” walked the Earth, the Sea ruled. Great sea monsters bigger than we can imagine reigned supreme, swimming through the depths, no boundaries against them. The Queen of All Of The Oceans was the Leviathan, ever sleeping.
Her breath could eat through our soft skin in an instant
Her claws could deliver deadly slashes to her meal.
Her mighty flippers splashed the sea into turmoil when she stirred and her eyes were pools of hate.
For a while, everything was fine in the Sea. Then the Leviathan grew hungry in her sleep. She began to wake, to exert her mighty fury upon the Sea. The Elves, flying in the air with no rest, saw her wake and cast a spell over the world, for they were gifted with magic.
The spell sent the monsters of the sea into a deep slumber at the bottom of the ocean, and then filled the sea with the animals we see today.
The Elves created the land, so they would have a resting places from their flights, and The Creator made humans.
But alas, the Elves’ spell was not permanent.
5,000 years she must sleep...
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