Fighting forbidden passions
Before I Fell Apart
Megan’s face was screwed into a tight scowl. In one hand she held a racy red dress that would accent the pumps in her closet, and in the other, a tight cream dress with a lace band around the middle. She looked at each, sighed with frustration, and turned to me, who was sitting patiently on the bed with my legs crossed.
“Which one should I go with?” She mused, furrowing her eyebrows. I carefully examined each option and smiled wryly. “You’d look great in either.” I said flatly.
“Yeah, like that really helps.” She sighed. Finally, she laid the cream dress over a chair and held the red one over her body. She looked skeptically at herself in the mirror, and finally shrugged. “I think this one will do.”
I crossed my arms and suppressed a laugh. “See, you can make decisions on your own.”
“I just really want to impress Jordan.” Megan retorted, walking into her immense closet. She reappeared a moment later wearing the dress she had picked out.
“A little showy, don’t you think?” I mumbled as my roommate turned and examined herself in the mirror. Megan huffed and stalked to her vanity where she took up her makeup brushes and went to work on her face.
“You wouldn’t understand being single.” Megan stated mildly, throwing me an annoyed glare in the reflection of the mirror. My lips curled into a sarcastic smile.
I had been dating my boyfriend, Mark since I graduated high school. We were madly in love and determined to maintain a long distance relationship when we got accepted into different colleges. The last time I saw him was Christmas, nearly seven months ago. Though we video chatted regularly, it hardly felt like a relationship should.
Megan’s shrill voice interrupted my thoughts. “You really should go to the party.” She commented, taking a curling iron and twisting her auburn hair into silky ringlets.
“I’m not much for parties.” I replied dryly.
Megan narrowed her eyes. She curled the last section of her hair and unplugged the iron. “You really should go!” She exclaimed.
“I don’t-“
“ Rachel, please come with me!” She pleaded, plopping onto the bed beside me. “It’ll be a lot of fun.”
I tapped my chin, thinking the situation over for a moment. Finally, I relented and my shoulders slumped. “Only if you promise to pay me back one day.” I offered. Megan squealed and leapt off of the bed, diving into the closet to retrieve something for me to wear. Leggings, sweaters, bras, and socks went flying from the doorway. Megan reemerged with her arms full of dresses, blouses, and pants.
“I’m not trying all of those on!” I frowned as she dropped the mound of clothes onto the bed beside me. Megan ignored me and sifted through her collection.
“Do you like this one?” She asked, holding up a sleek, translucent dress. I shook my head. “What about this one?” She inquired, holding up another striped golden dress. Again, it was a no from me.
“I’ll just wear this with some shorts.” I interrupted after being shown an array of outfits. I picked up a black top with a lacy V-neck top and that hung right over my midriff. Megan held up some pale high-waisted shorts, and I accepted them. I changed into my outfit, grabbed a thin sweater, and slid some killer black heels onto my feet.
Megan was visibly pleased, crooning over my looks. She helped me with my makeup and hair, curling my dark red tresses like she had done to her own. By the time we had finished primping, we both looked fantastic. We sauntered out of the dorm together, unaware of the damage that one night could produce.
The house was a mile or so off campus, a cheap rental for a couple of college kids. Megan parked along the curb, trembling with excitement out her window. People filed into the door, laughing and anxious for a party that would leave them feeling slummy in the morning. Lights shot out of every window, and as soon as I popped my car door opened, the thrum of the bass enveloped me. Megan locked her car, dropped the keys into her purse, and hooked her arm around mine. With a huge grin, she led me through the lawn of brittle grass and into the party.
Instantly I was swept into the pulse of the party, the loud music filling my skull. I saw friends and acquaintances, all laughing and having a great time. Everyone sang along to the music, danced in the living room where all the furniture had been pushed aside. Upstairs, I heard a window break and a roar of drunken laughter.
Megan melted into the crowd naturally, hopping right onto the dancefloor as if she had been partying for the last two hours. I wasn’t awkward, but I wasn’t social either. I slid between bodies, said polite hellos to my friends, and watched passively from the sidelines.
An arm wrapped around my waist, and I jumped with surprised. I whipped around to look into the cloudy eyes of a junior. “Hey there.” He slurred, pressing into me. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, and I scrunched up my nose. “Yeah, buh-bye.” I frowned, unwrapping his arm from around my side and slinking away.
“Ah, c’mon baby!” He called as I pushed past the cluster of people. The last thing I wanted to do was find myself tangled in the arms of a drunk.
It was so ironic that as the night progressed, I’d fall into a similar situation.

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