Book 1 In the life from paper series
It was a dark, sad rainy day in the heart of London. The only sound that you could hear was the ‘patter, patter’ of the rain on the cement outside. I just had dinner and was sitting inside of my room, casually reading a book with some music playing behind me. “Aries! Come help wash the dishes!” My father was in the kitchen, trying to figure out what is wrong with the piping while my mom was washing the dishes. I could hear some of the music playing from my sister’s room. I went into the kitchen and started scrubbing and soaping the dishes. After a couple minutes, I dried my hands and went back into my room. The book that I was reading was about a girl named Katherine, who was a mystical, mysterious girl with many ideas about how to improve the world. She was an orphan who lived primarily in abandoned places, and she also had a life of crime, stealing food to meet her needs, and her needs only. Suddenly, I heard a knock coming from the door. ‘BAM, BAM,’ the knock was less a knock and more a pound on the door. ‘BAM, BAM,’ there it was again, that heavy pounding on the door. “Who could possibly be out in this damp weather?!” I got up, put down my book, and went to check the door. When I opened the door, a strange figure was at the door. In the small light, I couldn’t see the person very well. “Hello, Aries,” the strange person said. “My name is Magnus.” I was kind of shocked. “Who was this person?” I thought, “And how do they know my name?”
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