When will katie realise that
“Katie, time for dinner!”
“Coming, mom!” I shouted as I closed my magenta colored art book. Art is my life. I can’t go a single day without drawing. I can draw anything. Flowers, people, clothes, realistic hands and body parts, lips, eyes, hair, animals, houses, incests, water, nature, anything you can think of. It’s a hobby of mine.
I skip down the stairway and race down to the dining room. For dinner, my mom made turkey sandwiches, my favorite! I come join my brothers and sisters.
In all, (not including me) I have four siblings. Things can get a little crazy having five kids tagging along, and believe me, my mom can’t handle it sometimes either. I mean, I don’t hate my siblings, but we fight a lot, and sometimes when I fight with my older seventeen year old brother Mason, we curse. Mason has dark brown hair like me, and it sticks up in the front. He has dark blue eyes and pink soft lips, and he can be mean, but he’s not the worst person in the world. He has a soft side against dogs, and he has a girlfriend named Layla.
And then there’s Gabirella. She’s only a toddler right now, and she’s the youngest. She’s so cute, but sometimes she can get pretty annoying. If there’s a lot of commotion going on, she starts screaming and making everyone’s ears bleed. Yup, that’s what I need to deal with everyday... She has short blonde hair, and blue eyes.
Next is Sam. He’s the troublemaker and he’s the funniest, to be honest. He has straight brown hair that always is slicked down and some freckles on his face. He’s eight years old.
And finally, last but not least is Rebecca. She is one year older than me, and she loves art like me. It’s like we’re the same person! She has curly brown hair and blue eyes. She’s really pretty.
“Katie. Katie!” I heard a familiar voice say.
“Wha... Huh?” I said, back to the real world.
“I was asking how your day was.” Rebecca smiled.
“Oh! Um, it was good.” I smiled.
Today we went to the water park since it was really sunny. We has a lot of fun, and we went to get ice cream after!
I take a bite of my turkey sandwich.
“So, Rebecca, how’s your boyfriend Cameron?” Sam asks, nudging Rebecca in the arm.
“Oh, shut up!” Rebecca says, flicking his forehead.
“Hey, you have a boyfriend, it’s true is it not?” Sam pretended to act innocent.
Rebecca rolled her eyes. Then I thought, when will I ever get a boyfriend? It sounded selfish and all, but I really want a boyfriend. I’ve never had one before and I’ve never kissed anyone (besides my family). I sigh as I poke at my food.
Well, tomorrow is my first day of seventh grade! I better finish my dinner and go to bed! I’m done writing for the day. Bye guys!
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