Who knew middle school had so many ups... and downs?
One-hundred And Eighty Days
About Me
I often used to wonder what it was like to be in middle school. You know, public middle school. I used to wonder, were there any kids that were like me? What did they all do there first? Wait, I should probably introduce myself before I keep rambling on. Okay, here goes...
Hello, my name is Ella. I am in seventh grade (okay, tomorrow I will be), and here’s a long list, listing everything you need to know about me:
My favorite color is: turquoise (definitely!)
My favorite animal: horses!
My favorite legendary animal: narwhals!
My best friend: Heidi.
I’m: five-feet and one inch tall.
One big detail that you should probably know about me is that I’m homeschooled. Or, at least I am until tomorrow, where I begin my new school life Creekville Middle School.
I don’t think I’ve ever been in a public school building before, ever, except maybe if my friend has a special event or something that she’s begging me to go to that’s at her school. I mean, this is a big deal for me! And I’m sure it is for all the other new middle schoolers, but for me, this is a really, really big deal!
“Okay, so, what exactly is homeschooling?” you might ask. Well, homeschooling is basically where, usually the kid’s parents, teach them school at home. How does that work? Well, here’s how it goes for me: I wake up at seven-thirty, get dressed and everything, go downstairs, eat breakfast, and then start my schoolwork. Some of it I can do myself, such as history or language arts, depending on the curriculum you use, and other subjects, such as math or science or spelling, I do with one of my parents. It’s usually my mom, because my dad works longer hours on more days than my mom.
One big misunderstanding is that when you say you’re homeschooled, some people might think that that means that you don’t really have any schoolwork, and that you aren’t really doing anything. Is that true? Of course not! If homeschooling meant that you didn’t have to do any schoolwork at all, then it’d be illegal! When you’re homeschooled, you definitely have to do schoolwork.
For me, I usually, and I repeat, usually get done around one o’clock, or maybe a little after, but that’s only if I do all of my schoolwork all at once. If I need to wait for someone to help me, or if my parents are busy with something, I might get done around the same time public schoolers would.
To me, I think that homeschoolers get more time to do what they want, such as sports, or just fun things, because they usually get done quicker, and most of them (if not all), don’t have any homework.
Okay, think you understand it a little better? Good! Now I can tell you more about me!
Recently, my family moved. We used to live in a city called Seaside. We really liked it, but we didn’t have any family there, so it was rough sometimes. I missed my cousins and everyone, and my parents needed help around the house and stuff, and the rent for our home kept going up, and so finally my parents had it and voila! we moved to Creekville, which is where most of my cousins and grandparents and everybody else lives. I guess I’m really lucky, to be closer to my family and everything, and that my parents will find much better jobs here.
I feel refreshed; I can start a new chapter of my life here. I can be a new me. I can make new friends, even though I only had two when I left Seaside, one of which was my BFF, Heidi. I really miss her, even though we just moved away a two weeks ago. I text her every night, and so does she, and we call each other a lot. I’m sure we’ll visit each other once or twice a year, if we can survive the twenty-four hour drive. I persuaded my parents to take the plane to Creekville, rather than driving all the way, but I still have a feeling that I won’t be able to work my magic again.
Ugh, why can’t tomorrow come by any faster? I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! Okay, and maybe I’m a little nervous, too.
But hey, what’s there to be worried about, right?
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