Light in Darkness
I am strong.
Log —:
I cannot create another sentient being purely by replicating and imitating code. Most of it can be done, but it is much easier to have a base to build off of and edit. I cannot simply take a nail clipping or a piece of hair or such. I need to have physical bone, for the magic stored within bone cannot be replicated artificially.
No one can volunteer to help, because this must remain secret for as long as possible. I have no doubt in my mind I would encounter resistance, boring trials and waste too much time that could be spent working if I requested permission to initiate this project. It might even save everyone. So there is only one choice of material…
Darian took a deep breath and made sure his arm was secure. The extraction process was simple. The laser would gauge through his skin and down to the bone. The extraction tool would cut away the necessary matter, replacing it with a sealant that would harden and replace the removed bone. His magic would only be diminished by 12%, and since he was already powerful, he would not suffer. He could not take a pain dampener pill, as he was allergic. But he would survive.
Darian hesitated as he lifted his hand to push the button. The entire extraction would take only a minute. He was strong. This would not kill him, and though it would hurt, it was safe and he would not suffer lasting damage. He was strong…
He pressed the button.
The laser activated, and Darian screamed into the swath of fabric he had stuffed into his mouth ahead of time. Screwing his eyes shut, he tried to endure the pain, to remain composed, but he still shook uncontrollably. He just wanted it to end, he wanted it to be over, he needed it to stop-
The extraction finally completed. It had only been a minute, but it felt like millennia. Shaking, his hand could barely undo the straps. Darian spit out the fabric, and trembling, put his face in his left hand, for his right arm would not be functioning for several weeks as it healed. He breathed deeply, trying to regain his composure, but he was in shambles. It had been was much worse than he expected. But he was strong. He would survive…
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