Lightning: Life Code
I awoke in agonizing pain bubbling in my lower abdomen that had me aware immediately. The room was a stunning black at this hour of sunless skies. I could not see but knew my body currently sat in sweat soaked linen feeding wonder to the question, why were my instincts going crazy? My enhanced senses failed to identify anything out of the ordinary and though it was dark, the bedroom appeared to be normal.
Slowly, I crept out of my bed and into the bathroom, heaving large amounts of air to appease my sudden nausea. However, it did not work. Sour liquid clenched my throat as it poured vigorously into the sink drain. Belle must have heard me coughing my guts out because the next thing I knew, she was standing behind me holding my hair back.
“Christ, Alea. That is the third time this week.” Yup. It was no lie that I have been no snooze on the vomit train.
“Thanks Mistress Obvious.”
“No need to be a jack. Just trying to –,”
“What Belle?” No answer came from my twin sister which was typical of her to do. “Whatever. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll get a checkup tomorrow.” Still nothing.
I turned around and there she stood, motionless, frozen in time.
“She cannot hear you.” My god…that voice. Blue energy dance along the walls of the bathroom. My instincts went haywire; I knew this was trouble. Typhoon, a monstrous thing at over seven feet tall, stared me down. “What is the code?”
“What are you talking about?”
“I will have that code for my reincarnation.”
“What code?!”
Typhoon lowered his body so that his face was right in front of mine. “I will beat it out of you if I have to girl.”
“Actually, it is woman now. I am not the same weak girl you almost crushed five years ago.”
“Do you know why the call me a speed demon?”
“Is it because your breath is as bad as it can get?” Typhoon snarled and punched me. I was sent flying backwards and before I hit the wall, I changed my vibrational frequency to shift through it. This way no damage could be done.
I planted my foot in the yard outside our house and dashed to TitanTech. My feet rocketed down Huntington Avenue, turning right on Massachusetts. I burst through the Charles River, by the Harvard Bridge, and found myself at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Behind it was the headquarters of its owner, TitanTech.
Once I shifted in, I put my suit and thought of a plan. It seemed too easy to run Emerald City where a friend of mine was. When I battled Typhoon in ninth grade, I drew help from Emerald’s vigilante, so that option ruled out quickly. The decision fell on running to Beantown inner harbor where the naval base was.
I skidded down Main and up Charles. After hitting the water, the armor around my feet transformed into blades allowing me to skate along the water.
“Found you.” Typhoon blinked in front of me and grabbed my neck. Next, his knee nailed me in the gut launching in the reverse direction onto the adjacent street. I tried to stand up, but there he was again, driving an elbow through my spine. Or, that’s what it felt like. When did the demon get so fast?
There I lay, coughing up blood with wet tears falling down my face. “Computer, charge me up.”
“I’m so disappointed, Alea,” Typhoon mocked.
The computer entity buzzed in. “You sure? I can only do it once.”
Typhoon continued. “And here I thought you were more capable than that. Pathetic.” The beast spat on me. “What’s this? The last dimensional runner is carrying a child?” What was he talking about? “Too bad. That will not save you.”
“Four seconds.”
“Too much time!”
“Now you die!” Typhoon jumped and the Dimensional Speed finally kicked in. I grounded my palm on the asphalt and spun a complete 360 degrees on it. My move found its target and the giant came tumbling down. He let out a terrible cry as he flung me by the leg into the nearby water. I caught myself and balanced my body on my finger in the middle of the harbor. Typhoon raced across, and somehow I smiled.
When the time was right, I lurched my body up and Typhoon missed by an inch. We eyed each other from either side of the harbor. I took off the same time he did and we met in the middle bringing our legs up and twisting our bodies in a sort of sidekick. The blast erupted in a flash of lightning. I tried to punch him, but he stopped it with his palm. Lightning bolts were now all over as our bodies continued to collide.
BAM! BOOM! BUM! A normal person would think that the navy yard was putting on a show. Typhoon grabbed my hand and attempted to swing me into a battleship. As soon as he released, I noticed it started to rain. Perfect.
Dimensional runners have an uncanny ability to move fast enough to run on raindrops; demons, on the other hand, are unable to because of how their biology processes time. I stepped on a drop of water and flipped backwards, clinging onto Typhoon. I dragged him under and watched as he struggled to breathe.
Congratulations. You’re a killer now. Too bad I brought a friend. Ever heard of a speed god? Typhoon’s voice rang in my mind as I watched him vanish. An entity appeared in front of me and I suddenly appeared at the top of the Massachusetts state building.
“Lightning,” a shadowy figure sang, its voice quaking with power. “It’s time to die.”
“That’s not the first time I’ve heard that today. What’s your name?”
“Velocity.” The thing smiled and my body crashed into the ground below. I didn’t see anyone move or anything happen, but something was off. “Velocity” boomed me to a different location in a fraction of a fraction of a second. I screamed as I hit the water. For some reason, the water felt like a large concrete slab. “This is the power of a God.”
My face shattered the glass of…the White House? How the hell did I get here so fast? I blinked and my head was in the process of being forced into mountains, that I heard come tumbling down.
Velocity was running so fast, the mountains could not withstand him!
“Here’s your drop-off. Find me when you’re ready.” My spine cracked and I lay there motionless in the streets of Beantown.
“Aagh!” Foam frothed at my mouth. I could still move but barely. I rolled over onto back of a trashed cushion to ease some of the stress. A light flickered above me until it stopped, leaving me in its shadowy grave. Rain pattered harder almost as if it were disappointed with me.
“There!” Half a dozen men stormed the alley and it was clear they were not friendly. “Freeze and don’t move-,” Thanks for the advice guys. “Take her out boys.”
A needle pierced my skin and I was asleep within seconds.
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