Lights, Camera, Action

Chris Stokes is a famous movie star. He's used to screaming fans wanting to be his girlfriend. But is it possible for a star to fall for a city girl?

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Movie
Chapter 3: The Audition
Chapter 4: I Get Attacked by a Dog and Meet a Girl
Chapter 5: Is that Kendall?!
Chapter 6: Job Offers(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 7: From Friend to Girlfriend(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 8: Crazy Friends, A Jealous Boyfriend, and Tabloids(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 9: Tabloid Reporting and Carl(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 10: The River(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 11: Cheater?(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 12: Is It Too Late now to say Sorry? (Chris’s POV)
Chapter 13: From Apples to Threats(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 14: A Big Surprise(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 15: The Makeover-Pt. 1(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 16: The Makeover Pt. 2(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 17: Advice(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 18: Parties Are Fun. Especially If You’re Going With A Cute Girl(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 19: I...AM...AT...A...REAL...CELEBRITY...PARTAY!!!(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 20: The Truth(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 21: Turning Back?(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 22: Down in the Dumps(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 23: I Get Recommended To A “Fortune Teller” (Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 24: I Turn Into Cinderella (Chris’s POV)
Chapter 25: I Visit The Modern Oracle Of Delphi(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 26: Say Your Goodbyes(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 27: When Your Friend Becomes Your Personal Advisor(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 28: Am I Really Home?(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 29: Welcome to New York. It’s Been Waitin’ For Ya (Chris’s POV)
Chapter 30: Just A Normal City Teen?(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 31: New York Isn’t All Sunshine and Rainbows(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 32: Sometimes, Best Friends Can Change The World(Kendall’s POV)
Chapter 33: Legal Stalking(Chris’s POV)
Chapter 34: EncourageMint(Chris’s POV)

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