Lily Land
There’s that noise again! I look at my clock, yep just as I thought, 12:00 exactly! Coming from my closet. I know it’s babyish but I’m almost 100% positive that there’s a monster in my closet. The same noise has been coming from the same place at the same time every night for the past month! It’s crazy and sortove creepy.
You know what! I’m done being a baby! Man up Lily! Well, more like ‘Women up Lily!’ I creep out of bed and slide on my slippers. I tip-toe over to my closet and open it.
It opens and somthing crazy is there.
Literally nothing.
It’s an empty void of darkness, hey, where are my shoes?! Ugh! I stick my hand out into it. It’s cool and it’s calling me. I lean into it, then like a magnet, it sucks me in! Just like that!
I’m spinning and spinning, not able to breath, nothing below me or above me. Then just as fast as it started it stopped. I gasped for air, and I could feel my lungs expand. I opened my eyes and saw a large pair of red, clown shoes? I scrambled to my feet.
“Hi there!” Said a small voice. I looked down. A little person in a full blown clown outfit! His hair was a strawberry red, like my friend Graces and his eyes where blue. He had no clown makeup on, which was good because then I would’ve started to freak out. He smiled at me,
“What’s your name friend?” He asked
“Uhh, Lily. What’s yours?” I said, his eyes widened.
“I’m Snuffles, and what did you say your name was?”
“Lily,” I said a little unsettled. He looked at me in awe.
“Lily, you need to come with me.” He took my hand in his and led me of through the forest. We past by a cottage, a few trees, and flowers which I think we’re sparkling. I was really confused! Just a minute ago I was in my bedroom now I’m in a forest who knows where!
“Snuffles,” I started “Where are we?” I asked
“We’ll be more specific, where in a lot of places at one time.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, he thought about this for a moment but kept on walking.
“Okay, take that leaf for example.” He pointed to a single leaf on a branch. “That leaf is on a branch, correct? And that branch is on a tree and that tree is in that slope and that slope is in this forest and this forest is in, err...well. We’ll get to that eventually.”
“Okay,” I said “So... Where’s this forest.” I asked, he looked at me
“We’ll get to that.” Then he kept on walking, I didn’t bother asking anymore questions about the forest. But I did have another question.
“Snuffles...I don’t mean to be rude but what exactly are you?” I asked cautiously.
“Well I’m a lot of things! That’s for sure! But my job here in, uhh, here. Is to guard the gate and bring people and things to they’re destination!” I nodded.
“What what exactly are you?” I asked. He sighed
“Okay, I’m a kincker, but I was born without wings.”
“A what?
“A kincker! They’re people, like you, but they have the wings of a butterfly and each have a special talent! Plus they’re a lot smaller! I’m actually one of the taller kinckers! I think it makes up for not having wings!” He smiled at this. It was only then that I relized where he had led us, we where in a cross road, on the left a large pasture, on the right streets with houses lined up. We turned right.
“Snuffles, where are you taking me?” I asked observing each and every house, each had a strange last name printed on it. Ms.Music, Mr. & Mrs.Mint, Mr.Melt, Mr. & Mrs.Horn.
“You mean to whom am I taking you too. Well I’m hoping he’ll be here, if not I really don’t want to walk the rest of the way to his house!” He led me down a road filled with shops until the road ended and we were in front of a large building. It looked like the Massachuestts State House! Except, somehow, more welcoming, and the dome on top was glass instead of gold! We walked in side and the inside was lined with banners with directions,
Music Central
Creature Control Central
Agriculture Confrence Room
Professor Unicorns Office This Way
An arrow pointed in every direction, even down! We went up to a large desk that read
Receptionist of L.L Officail Office “Wow!” I breathed. There was a pure white pillow on the chair of the receptionist. Snuffles did a little fake cough. The pillow looked up, it had a face! A small little mouth with red lipstick with brown eyes, the receptionist wore a maroon pant suite that complemented her lips.
“Ms.Melt,” Snuffles said smooth “how are you? Have you gotten a toast lately? You look tan.” Ms.Melt looked at him
“What do you want Snuffles?” She said in a I-don’t-have-time-for-this-right-now-voice.
“Oh come on!” He said “Can’t a kincker and a marshmallow have a normal conversation as good ole’ pals!”
“You’re a marshmallow!” I yelled, Ms.Melt looked at me then at Snuffles
“I suppose your here because of her?” She jabbed a finger in my direction. Snuffles nodded. “I’ll schedule you a appointment with Poffesor Unicorn. The wait will be about half an hour or an hour. Make yourself comfortable.” She gestured to a very uncomfortable looking marble bench. I sighed, this will be fun.
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