Little Flightless Bird by ebruogretmen

Little Flightless
Little Flightless Bird and Lucy
One day, an ordinary bird was sitting. She is Little Flightless Bird. She is bored and go outside. She want to fly. But she can’t fly because she yet small. She couldn’t control her wings. Suddenly, she see a girl. She is collect some flowers in near the lake.
She wearing a bee costume. Little Flightless Bird is sad. She walk to her. Girl says : Hello ! I’m Lucy. Whats your name? Bird answered : I’m Little Flightless Bird. Girl says: Why are you sad ?? Bird : I can’t walk. Because I’m yet small ! Girl : Don’t be sad Little Flightless Bird.. Look! I wear a bee costume. Bees can fly. But I can’t fly!
Little Flightless Bird is happy now. Everyone can fly she thinks. But now she understood. She run and sit front of the Lucy. Thanks Lucy! she says. Lucy : İt’s not important ! Lucy go her home and took off her costume. Then come to Little Flightless Bird. Lucy and Little Flightless Bird became very good friends.
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