Little ol’ hybrid
7 Days
He’ll be coming in a bit.
Father told me to wait in my room - he’s given me this really girly, fancy, ribbon-covered dress. It’s also up to my mid-thighs. What does he want me to look like, a high-strung teen who walks around and puts on a high-pitched voice? Hah, I think not.
But I can’t do anything. If father says, little ol’ me does. Little ol’ me that tends to be ‘rebellious’ and a ‘rule-breaker’.
Let me elaborate, Mr ‘He’ is the guy I’m being forced to marry because of my position and role I must take, but, as you can tell, I obviously do not like or want to be with him. To be honest, I did know him as a child. We were close friends, until he broke our little pact. Screw his words of “We’ll always be friends,” and my “I’ll always protect you,” since, in the end that just wasn’t the case.
I’ve put the dress on now, but underneath on my pre-bare-as-hell legs I have put on a pair of ripped cotton tights and my knee-high lace-up leather boots. I really love those boots, but father really hates them. He doesn’t say it, but I can tell with the glare he has in his eyes.
I’ve just had a mind link from Lis, my personal maid who I prefer to call mum. She says that he’s arrived and is waiting in our foyer - that’s right, foyer. We have two, as well. Back and front. Yeah, we have a little extra dosh to spread around.
I creak my door open a centimetre, and can see down the corridor, over the balcony, and down the stairs coated with a thin layer of hair from when Willow decided she was going to make me have a forced shift. That was a while back now, but the maids don’t seem to be able to hoover the stairs. They lack that single skill.
As I reach the bottom of our stairs, the clock chimes midnight. He’s looking right at me with his bright, amber, annoying-as-hell eyes. Also looking stalker-like with the way he’s pleasantly smiling, with a hint of you-look-like-you-always-do-and-always-will.
“Well hello, Kai, with your cliche name,” I point out with my trademark wit, elbowing him in the ribs.
My father turns to me with a cold look in his eyes - like I’ve never seen it before. “You’re almost a grown alpha female, don’t punch your partner in the ribs.”
I roll my eyes and grunt at him. The immediate thought in my head is Does that mean I should punch him in the face? To be honest I wanted to say that out loud.
Suddenly, Kai grabs my hand and kisses it softly. Just a small peck, but it makes me feel like I’m not hungry anymore. I feel really sick. As in the someone-get-me-a-bucket-to-throw-up-into sick feeling. “You said that again? Honestly, Luna, you’re so unoriginal,” he adds sneakily.
Ah. He called me by my name. It’s a sudden turn -off. What is it with my name anyway, why is it so damn annoying? At least I can say he still remembers the past... if that’s a good thing. “Please, don’t call me by my first name, Kai.” I know he hates it when I say his name that way.
Instead of reacting he simply drags me away by the hand, into the dining area where father is stood across the hardwood table from us. He beckons us both to sit down - I slump back into my chair whilst father bares his teeth and growls at me, whilst Kai thanks Lis for pulling his chair out and helping him to his seat. I’ve told Lis all of the stories about me and Kai, and she pretty much knows everything about him because of me. So far, however, it looks like she likes him. I know this because she stares happily over at me from behind Kai’s seat and puts on a smug face.
It’s just me and Kai sat on our side of the table, and Father on his own is sat on the other side. If you ask me, it looks roughly like a job interview - I know, my job is to become alpha female, but I needed money for the boots I’m wearing tonight and a choker. I’m that kind of teen. As father stands up I just know he will give the most annoying alpha-like speech, but just as he’s about to start I throw up. I knew I was going to do it at some point but why did it have to be when everyone was here? It must have come as a shock to everyone else, but the truth is this has been happening for weeks.
Then I realise it’s blood and not actual legitimate chunks-of-gross-stuff-in-it-sick, so before anyone can say anything I run out of the dining room, and me being a little ol’ hybrid, I’m obviously fast.
I know why I was sick and it was because of not hunting before I saw Kai. Running out of the door and jumping over a fallen tree I land in my magnificent - if I do say so myself - white wolf. The alpha families are supposed to have black fur, so God knows why mine is white. Actually, God probably doesn’t even know. I say it’s just because I’m abso-bloody-lutely amazing but others don’t like the fact that I’m different to my pack.
I have now been running for 10 minutes and have gone 1oo miles. Well, it could be more, it could be less, I’m not too good at maths. But I usually go the speed of 85mph in wolf, so I guess it might be close... I think that’s far enough now, and return to human.
I hear somebody walking towards my direction. I know it’s a human because it doesn’t smell musky (like a wolf) or like a vampire (I haven’t had a chance to really sniff one yet - since my armpits don’t count) so I do my trick of pretending to be dead. Laying on the ground I bite myself on a few places of my body to make myself look believable. I just pray that they don’t heal before my food comes. Out of the bushes or, should I say, bush-like grass comes a woman probably around the age 32. Apparently late twenties to early thirties have the best quality. She runs over to me and tries to wake me up so I open my eyes and quickly stand up... to be honest, I think I gave her a heart attack.
Looking straight into eyes now full of fear, I compel her not to scream. I hush a little promise of “You’ll live, so don’t be scared. Relax. Then you’ll taste better.” Oh, and I do tell her it’ll hurt - I’m not that bad of a person. Plus she deserves to know the truth... before she forgets what happened.
Tilting her head to the side, I elongate my teeth and sink them into her neck, finishing just before she passes out. I then make sure to heal her to prevent death from blood loss - I like to keep people alive, and that could go two ways. Finally, I use my decent vampire skills to mess with her head and make her forget, therefore letting her continue on whatever she was doing before. See? Nice person - I usually blame my moods on hormones. Turning around with blood still dripping from my mouth, I see Kai standing just a few feet away. I wipe my mouth quickly hoping that he’ll just think he was seeing hallucinations, but instead he just glares at me angrily.
I know what he’s going to say next.
“What the hell is going on?” he whispers just loud enough so I can hear him.
I called it. And I’ve even already come up with my response.
“What, I needed some fresh air and just so happened to find a woman wondering past so I used my wolf skills to replenish my hunger.”
Surely he’s still lacking in intelligence, right? People don’t change. He won’t understand that I’m a hybrid of vampire and werewolf, right? Well here we go, I’m losing confidence... Take a deep breath. And exhale. And we’re back to neutral.
Surely he won’t understand...
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