It doesn’t mean that when you’re rich, you’re happy
Little Princess
I’m an average girl who is 13 year old and lives with my foster parents, John and Maddie. They are nice and kind and they treat me equally compared to my step sister, Elizabeth and her twin brother, Ethan. They’re nice like their parents too. Our well-being is very high. We are rich but not spoiled, unlike some people I know(my enemy is Lacy. We knew each other since kindergarden).But there is one thing strange about them. Whenever I ask about myself like where a was born and where they found me, they would nervously change the subject. Anyways, I’ll be starting my second year of middle school tomorrow, Alexanber Middle School. My BFF, Jessica moved away last year and I hadn’t seen her since. I’m going to wear the long sleeved leapord patterned shirt(branded) and the pair of black jeans(branded) since it is quite cold. And along with my clothes, I will bring a sparkly white purse(branded). I’m ready for tomorrow. I hope I get some new friends.
Dear Readers,
Hope you guys enjoyed my first chapter of “Little Princess”! This is just the beginning and more will come so please put this book in your bookshelf! See you in the next chapter!

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