Living a tag game part 2
“Liam” The name rolled off Lavenders tongue like a song. Liam. “Well Liam, I could use a little help here,” she looked pointedly down through the branches at him.
“Oh, right, sorry.” He blushed, then turned his head from side to side, looking for anything to help her with. “Can you get your footing?” He asked
“Yes, why?” She questioned
“I’m going to need you to jump.”
The shock must have registered on her face, because he quickly said “don’t worry, I’ll catch you. I wouldn’t let you fall.”
“Okay” she shrugged. What did she have to lose?
“Three, two, one, go!”
She flew from the tree, into Liam’s waiting arms, knocking him down in the process.
“Oof” he groaned under her weight.
“Sorry, sorry,” Lavender flustered, and helped him to his feet.
It was then that she really got a good look at him. He had soft, honey coloured hair, and beautiful golden brown eyes. She was suddenly self conscious about how she must look; her hair tangled from the fall, dress torn, leaves coating her entire body, the list went on.
Lavender became aware of the fact that they were still grasping each other’s hands, and staring into each other’s eyes. She stepped back and cleared her throat, and he blushed, and stared at his feet.
“Thanks for saving me” she told him
“No problem,” he replied “call me any time you need help.” He then winked at her, which made her feel warm and tingly.
“Will I be seeing you again?” She asked
“Let’s meet back here at 11:00 tomorrow, then we’ll get lunch or something.” He told her
“Sounds great!” She was already excited.
“It’s a date” he smiled, then started walking away.
When Liam was long gone, Lavender pondered over her current situation. She still didn’t need food or water, but she could no longer fly. She suspected it was from her being so low down. And where was she going to sleep?
She walked around the woods, until she found a small, log cabin. Everything on it was covered in a thick layer of dust, and it looked as though it hadn’t been touched in at least a decade. Lavender decided that this would be her new home. She found the bedroom, lay down, closed her eyes, and let sleep take her to another day.

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