Going from rags to riches, hags, and witches
Living With Jessica Kamelton
Chapter 1
Most people think living in an orphanage is one of the worst experiences ever, but it really isn’t that bad. I like having all the people to talk to, and climbing the spiral staircase in the house is a great pastime. I also love that my headmistress Miss Albanio paid for everyone to go to a nice private school in the area, Sakison Academy. Not that I’m the fancy type, tee shirts, jerseys, sweatpants and shorts are fine with me. I am so lucky they don’t have school uniforms at my school. It’s mostly been fine, but everyday I hear about the same insults being thrown at me from one specific person: Jessica Kamelton. Every day it’s the same: “Sup, orphan!” “OMG! Is that Bigfoot? Oh, sorry it’s just wannabe Christa.” “Look at her walk, who does she think she is, me?” Usually I ignore her, but today I couldn’t take it anymore. Walking to my locker, I heard the insult coming a mile away. “Eek! Help! My sick cousin’s vomit came alive!” I turned fast as lightning towards her, and went into full sass mode. Hand on hip, lips pursed, I replied with, “What’s that awful smell? Oh, I should have known it was you, Jessica, with all that bullcrap your speaking.” Jessica pursed her lips and reached into her designer purse. I thought she was looking for her phone, but instead, she pulled out a huge container of powdery foundation. She smiled and said “Oh, Christa let me help you! You’ve got a little spot.” Then, she undid the lid, pulled off the seal wrapper and emptied the whole thing on my head! Now this was the last straw. Not thinking, I pulled out my overstuffed backpack and swung it straight at her head. She fell to the floor, and I laughed. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard a strict voice behind me. “Come with me Miss Bandfield.” I turned around to see my principal behind me, lips thin as paper.
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