The Bus Crash
Long Way Home
Chapter 1 School
Hello, I am Serena, a regular student, I don’t fit in with most kids, I’m the so called “Loner” at school due to no friends, except for my cat Prince, he’s my best friend and I will never betray him, and he will never betray me..
School’s out, I grab my stuff I go on the bus, and guess what happens? The bus driver was driving, he got into a car accident, almost every student died on the bus I was not ready to die, I was scared, afraid, all I wanted was my Cat, and my mom and dad.. The bus almost flipped over every student.. K.O.ED.. The bus driver died.. I was crying I walked out the bus, we was in this forest a beautiful one.
I was freaking out like What am I gonna do? What will I do? I continue crying, then I finally walk my way back home, I was lost.. Time passed by, night time, my parents are probably wondering where I am.. I got no where to go, guess I gotta walk my way back home..
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