What if the person you love, doesn’t know you exist?
Looking from the Sea
Yes him
Ebony hair falling softly
Those eyes shining a magnificent hazel
Her heart beats rapidly whenever she sees him
By the pier
She in water
Him on land
She might stand a chance
She thought naively
But she didn’t know
Mermaids and humans were not meant to be
And that Cameron doesn’t even know of her existence
At all
Day after day he comes
And dangles his legs over the pier
And day after day
Her hopes becomes stronger
As she peeks at him from the water
She was going to try to capture his attention soon
Then love
She came up with a plan
So that he won’t be scared when he saw her
A mermaid
She was happy
She felt contented
Her heart was filled
With love for Cameron
With love for this mortal
With hope for this possible bloom
Of love
The next day
She swam towards the pier
Prepared to spring her surprise
But she realized he was not alone
Cameron was sitting with somebody else by the pier
A girl
They were holding hands
They hugged
Cameron gave a peck on that girl’s cheek
Tears of crystal slid soundlessly into the waves
She was dying inside
Her love and hope were yanked away
She felt so lonely
So useless
So unbearably sad
Her soul was gone
Violently ripped away
And with a shattering of her heart
Now so broken
Into a thousand lone pieces
She turned her back on the mortal world
And then she slipped below the water, forever
Promising herself
Never ever
To fall in this kind of painful love

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