The Archer chronicles
Lost Boy
A Spider With A Name...
“Since when do you speak my language?” Archer asked his little alien in wonder.
Pointy-Ears giggled and shrugged. “A little animal taught me the other night. It was the strangest thing. He appeared in my room and stayed the night and when I woke up in the morning I could speak with him.”
Archer’s eyes widened. “Was this creature small and purple and yellow? With like, a long tail and whiskers?”
Pointy-Ears nodded.
“Did he like, purr when you touched him?”
Again she nodded.
“Was his name—“
“Bruce,” she said, finishing Archer’s sentence.
“That’s awesome,” Archer replied, glancing back up at the spider. He pointed to the creature. “Is he like, your friend?”
She nodded and smiled. The Spider made a noise—a cross between lamb-speak and donkey-speak—Pointy-Ears giggled and rubbed the spider’s massive leg once more.
“He protects us,” she said softly.

“That’s a good thing,” Archer said in amazement. Because honestly? He couldn’t imagine having the massive creature as an enemy. Just thinking about it made his heart race once more. “Him and all his little babies, which really aren’t so little anymore.”
Wait. What?
“There are more of them? Of him?” Archer said, pointing toward the spider.
Pointy-Ears nodded. “Oh yes. He has lots of babies. They live all over the planet, keeping watch.” Good to know, Archer thought. And then another thought entered his mind. “Does he know…do you people know of the pirates on the other side of the mountain?”
“Pirates?” Pointy-Ears said the word slowly, a little frown on her face.
“What are pirates?”
Archer scowled. “They’re bad. Really bad. And they’re here because…” He glanced at Dash and shrugged. There really wasn’t any point in hiding the truth now. “They’re here because they want to steal your prisms.”
Again, Pointy-Ears looked confused. “Prisms?”
Archer nodded and pointed to the hundreds of clusters of prisms behind them. “Your energy. They want your energy and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.”
“But they can’t have it,” Pointy-Ears said, voice trembling. “Our planet will die without them.”
“I know,” Archer replied. So how was he going to convince them to let him have some so that he could rescue Del’s father?
Dash floated closer and the spider’s eyes followed the little bot’s movement. “Archibald, I believe we can utilize this creature in our quest to retrieve Del’s father.”
Archer thought about it for a moment. “I think you could be right, Dash. I just don’t know if we can make it all work.”
He turned to Pointy-Ears. “Would your friend—“
“Magnar,” she said softly.
“What?” Archer glanced at Dash in confusion.
“His name is Magnar.” She smiled prettily. “And I am Sousha.”
Sousha. It made Archer think of sunlight and apples and Cook’s fresh biscuits. “I like that,” he said with a slow grin.
“Me too,” she said cheekily.
“Would your friend help us? Like, if we needed him to?”
“Help you do what?” Sousha asked.
Archer blew out a long, hot breath and wiped sweat off his brow. He glanced up at his bot again but Dash was no help. The little bot floated in the air, eyes glowing red.
“You know my friend Del, right?”
Sousha nodded. “The pretty girl.
Well, yes, Archer thought that Del was pretty. You know. For a girl.
“The pirates—the bad guys—they have her father as their prisoner and they told us that they’ll set him free if we can bring them some prisms.”
“But they can’t have any,” Sousha replied with a smile. “They belong to us. They’re sacred.”
“I know,” Archer replied. He thought back to the cave he’d slept in. Of the drawings on the walls, the stories they told. “I know the prisms are important to your survival so I’d never just like, give them to the pirates. Especially because….” His voice trailed off and he shuddered.
“What do they want with them?” Sousha asked hesitantly. The many little Pointy-Ears behind them had gathered close. All seemed to be listening intently, while the guards scowled, their eyes narrow and fierce.
“They want to destroy a planet with using the prisms power. Del’s planet and we can’t let that happen. It’s just…” He glanced up at Dash. “They have Del’s father and I can’t let them hurt him either.”

Archer thought of his own father. He thought of his hologram and his chest tightened. How he missed his dad and for the first time he realized that maybe, he might not ever see him again. But Del’s father was here. He was here and he was alive and Archer was determined to get him away from the clutches of the pirates. Sousha moved forward and hugged Archer tightly.
“How can we help?” she asked.
“I came here because I was going to steal some of your prisms. Dash was going to try and deplete their power and we were going to trade them for Del’s father.”
“Archibald. I must inform you that after an initial scan of the prisms I’ve determined that the probability of depletion is less than 5%.”
Archer’s heart sank. Was anything going to go their way?
Sousha smiled. “I think we can make that work.”
“How?” Archer asked. “We can’t give them real, working prisms? There’s no way we can let that happen.” He glanced up at the spider. “Unless…”
“Unless Magnar is there to retrieve the prisms.” Sousha jumped up and down, turning back to the massive creature.
“You’ll help us won’t you?” she asked Magnar.
All eyes were focused on the spider and when it lowered its legs and nodded to Sousha, Archer whooped aloud and jumped up into the air. He scooped his little alien friend into a hug and kissed her on the cheek.
This was going to work, he wanted to shout. Except for one smalll problem. Where in the world were Del and Bruce?
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