The Archer chronicles
Lost Boy
GUYS!!! I’m really happy to let you know that The Archer Chronicles are continuing with a new book called GHOST PLANET! I can’t wait for you guys to start reading this book! And it will start next week! Please add Lost Boy to your shelf so you’ll get the notification when Ghost Planet is live!!!
In the meantime here’s a sneak peek!!
The distress signal was louder. It echoed inside the command centre of The Reamus. It echoed inside Archer’s head making him wince. He glanced over to Del. She sat beside him, her eyes glued to the observation window as the planet came into view. It was a large round ball surrounded by a blanket of black space and twinkling stars.
Dash floated just behind Archer, his chirps and whirrs, low and muted. “There is an additional pulse integrated with the distress signal,” Dash reported, floated closer.
Archer frowned, watching his father closely. “What do you mean?” he whispered. Something was wrong. He felt it. His father’s eyes were hard, his face lined with...worry?
Just then the ship shuddered and shook.
“Archer,” Del whispered gripping her seat as she moved forward. “I’m getting a bad feeling about this.”
The ship heaved to the right and began to spiral. Archer unbuckled his belt and jumped from his seat, eyes wide when he spied his father slumped over in his command chair. His first officer was slumped over as well.
Archer turned in a full circle. The entire crew looked like they were sleeping and their ship was hurtling through space toward the planet.
This can’t be happening, he thought.
“Archer, we have to do something,” Del yelled.
He snapped his head back and ran toward the controls.

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