With only one friend at my side...
Lost In A World, and I Don’t Know If I’ll Die Or Not...
I Really Had To.
I ran down the steps. Why did I have to go in the ruins of my old home? I was already late for my doctor’s appointment. I needed to get to my new home soon so my mom could bring me to the hospital. But then again, I had five more minutes, and it only took me about one or two minutes to run home. I decided that another peek couldn’t hurt.
As I look back on my desicion, it was a horrible one.
I tiptoed through the ruins, and I happened to come upon one of my favorite childhood items: a toy wand. I laughed softly as the memories came back to me. I waved it around once in a circle, then mimed doing Windgardium Leviosa with Flitwick’s advice in my head:
Swish and flick!
Suddenly, my BFF, Avel, came running up and stopped beside me.
“Don’t wave it-!”
There was a flash of purple light. I felt Jacob grab onto my hand and push me through with him at my side.
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