Lost in the City
The boy stared back at me. His eyebrows lifted as he pressed his hands to the window glass. He had dark brown, chestnut hair with matching brown eyes.
I gave my biggest meow, just to show him how tough a cat I am. The toughest! “This one,” I heard him tell his friends. “I’m gonna adopt this one!”
Soon enough I was loaded into a car, a nice, red car, and we drove away. Inside the car it was quiet, the noise of the engine even and subdued, the air just the right temperature. I knew better than to start clawing at the fine seats, so I spent most of my time looking out of the tinted window.
The landscape flowed past the windows: cows, white-fenced fields, countryside houses, that was, until we arrived at the city. A maze of streets engulfed us; the cityscape was a jumble of shapes, like a child had cast blocks down randomly and then swept them so close together they touched. The people, buses, trams and cars were all moving and going about their every-day business, making the city seem like the centre of a hive.
I meowed, and started scratching the window, only to be removed by a pair of strong hands. “No, kitty! You can’t do that!” exclaimed the boy that was now my new owner. We continued the rest of the journey in silence.
About five minutes later we arrived at a large house, too large for my liking. It had a front lawn, mown and filled with blooming flowers; and a carved wooden door for an entrance. In front of the house stood a blossoming tree, its branches broad and spreading out to the sun. It was spring, and the vibrant rays of light warmed me, mirroring my joyful mood.
An unknown feeling took over my instincts, a feeling that I couldn’t quite unravel - a spark of curiosity. I ventured further and further into the jaws of the building. One paw in front of the other, I continued.
There was a hallway, now draped with shadows of the late evening, branching out to the rest of the rooms. One of them was a living room, with a giant sofa catching my eye as soon as I entered. The other was a kitchen, with a tiled flooring, and the last room that I came to notice was a large bedroom.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge dog leapt into sight. I turned around rapidly, and knocking over a vase ran full speed towards the exit. Realising that it was open, I ran outside.
I didn’t stop even when I was out of the house, I ran and ran and ran, passing streets and buildings, parks and subways. Finally I stopped, that was when the reality crashed over me, the labyrinth of streets was endless and I couldn’t remember the way back to the house.
I was lost.

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