Everything has changed.......
Lost Survivors
“Life is about moving on, accepting changes.....”
Aliza stared out the window of a sand-colored tower. The warm, blue waves were washing upon the tower in an Unknown Planet, which the few survivors from Earth’s Last Stand called home.
Earth’s Last Stand was a very crazy event that led to millions of deaths. Those who survived, did so by becoming cannibals or eating anything they could find with proteins and vitamins. This disaster of Earth became the greatest one, or the biggest, as it caused more destruction than any known natural disaster. Those who survived jumped onto a space shuttle and headed off, as Earth had become inhabitable. Then, as the last of the passengers left, the Earth, the only known planet with life, exploded in the distance, leaving the 50 survivors to find a new home. They had reached Unknown, a planet with alien-like life forms. The life forms were very human-like, as they walked, talked, and pretty much lived like humans. They had given the humans a small planet with tons of water and a tower to live in, which was connected to Unknown with a long blue bridge. That was life, since Earth’s Last Stand.
Over the years, the humans had turned into the weird creatures that inhabited the planet. It was unknown, whether it was because of daily greetings or a mix of potions in the humans’ drinks, or the food they ate and how they lived, what caused this physical change to humans.
Aliza sighed as she touched her long, pointy ears. I’ll never see y mom, dad, and little bro again, she thought to herself. They were all gone. Few children survived the Earth’s Last Stand. Only about 1/10 of the survivors were children. They were Timothy, Jewel, Prince, Tina, and Alyssa(this was Aliza’s name, before coming to Unknown. She had changed it, ‘cause it sounded cooler with a z.) Aliza’s pink hair swayed in the wind. She had dyed it to look like one of the Unknown inhabitants. She often dyed it white as well, to make her hair pop. It had been 7 years since Earth’s Last Stand and every human had gotten used to Unknown’s culture, people, and the rules. However, the thought of lost family hung in the air, as a dead family member was not easy to forget. It was still going to be different.
Aliza sighed again as she slowly turned from the window and headed down the winding staircase. A few people waved and cried out ‘Hi’ to greet Aliza. Aliza, who had always been nice, returned the greeting. She reached the lowest floor.
The salty air greeted her as she stepped outside the tower seeing the Sky Bridge, which connected the two worlds. She started running; it was getting very late for EDUcreations, which was very much like school, except with more hands-on activities and lots of imagination and creativity. Aliza couldn’t wait until she arrived for EDUcreations; she was excited to see what wonders this day would hold. With that thought in her head, Aliza ran faster toward the ‘school.’
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